Commit 71b6476a authored by Piotr Drąg's avatar Piotr Drąg 😐

lib: Add a comment for translators

Explaining how you can switch the currency order
to your locale’s convention.
parent c1875938
......@@ -126,6 +126,8 @@ gs_price_to_string (GsPrice *price)
} else if (g_strcmp0 (price->currency, "USD") == 0) {
return g_strdup_printf (_("US$%.2f"), price->amount);
} else {
/* Translators: %s is the currency, and %f is the amount.
* You can switch the order by using “%2$f %1$s” instead. */
return g_strdup_printf (_("%s %f"), price->currency, price->amount);
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