1. 30 Jan, 2019 4 commits
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      Update POTFILES.in · 620b3f57
      Piotr Drąg authored
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      thunderbolt: react to security level changes · 05f2c5ef
      Christian Kellner authored
      Listen for security level changes, which in theory should not really
      happen at all with the exception that on hardware where force power
      is not support and boltd has not yet seen the thunderbolt controller
      because it was powered down. Then we should get an initial change
      from 'unknown' to the real level. Handle it in the same way that
      as if boltd was restarted, i.e. the dbus name owner changed
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      thunderbolt: specific message for unknown security · b9136fd4
      Christian Kellner authored
      If bolt cannot determine the security level, which in theory should
      never happen[1] the standard no-thunderbolt message seems not
      entirely appropriate. Instead show a different message that is more
      tailored to this unusual case.
      [1] The following (unlikely) reasons would invoke such a scenario:
         - new security level not supported by boltd
         - old hardware with not force-power support and the thunderbolt
           controller has not yet been powered up
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      thunderbolt: plug leak when name owner changes · 31a77ad0
      Christian Kellner authored
      Should not happen very often in the real world, but ever time the
      name owner changed (i.e. boltd was restarted) the name_owner
      variable was leaked.
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