build: Drop remaining libnm-glib usage

This library is deprecated for a long time now, and Fedora Rawhide
removed the package. Since our CI is based on Rawhide, it began
to fail.

In the end, the usage was just legacy code that doesn't exist anymore,
so it's pretty safe to just plain drop it.
parent 86f67d7f
......@@ -189,10 +189,6 @@ if host_is_linux
dependency('libnma', version: '>= 1.2.0'),
dependency('mm-glib', version: '>= 0.7')
network_manager_dep = dependency('NetworkManager')
nm_vpn_config_dir = join_paths(network_manager_dep.get_pkgconfig_variable('configdir'), 'VPN')
nm_vpn_module_dir = network_manager_dep.get_pkgconfig_variable('plugindir')
config_h.set('BUILD_NETWORK', host_is_linux,
description: 'Define to 1 to build the Network panel')
......@@ -37,16 +37,11 @@ sources += gnome.compile_resources(
export: true
ce_cflags = cflags + [
libconnection_editor = static_library(
sources: sources,
include_directories: [top_inc, wireless_security_inc],
dependencies: deps,
c_args: ce_cflags,
c_args: cflags,
link_with: libwireless_security
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