Commit ffde74ad authored by Marco Pesenti Gritti's avatar Marco Pesenti Gritti

*** empty log message ***

parent 4a10053f
......@@ -8,14 +8,9 @@ keep to chang in an annoying way
- Fixup column sizing. Ideally filename should get all available space, the
others column can get the minimum (for progress we can just fixup requisition
in the renderer to something sane)
- Fix hash table destruction. Free row refs and unref download objects.
- Cleanup downloader-view, there is prolly still crap here and there
- Add LOGs on all objects involved in download. Init/Finalize and in c++
constructor/destructor. Verify that references are correct == objects
are destroyed at right time.
- Probably use cur from total instead of just total in the size field
- Deal with the case where total size is unknown (we need special rendering
for progress too I guess)
- Initialize progress values when starting the download
- Need a way to do downloads without view, for favicons
- expand filename col in downloader
- fix EphyHeaderSniffer style
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