Commit a8198cce authored by Marco Pesenti Gritti's avatar Marco Pesenti Gritti

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parent 383243a3
- Consistent use of topics instead of keywords in the code
- Consistent use of address instead of location in the code where appropriate
- <campd> nautilus/libnautilus-private/nautilus-tree-view-drag-dest.c. Dest crashes.
- downloader should resize when clicking details, so that the cursor is not moved away from the button
- make popups less annoying
- show when bookmarks has updated content
Egg problems:
- not translated
- popups not working
- idle not removed when finalizing menu merge
- action reffed in menu merge and never unrefed
- disconnect_proxy does menu stuff without checking it's actually a menu
1. download-view.c: (download_dialog_delete_cb)
This is the canel all pending downloads dialog. It should be document
modal (or in this case technically window modal) but not app modal.
2. ephy-embed-utils.c: (ephy_embed_utils_nohandler_dialog_run):
A dialog to warn the user that no application capable to open the
specified file are found. Should probably be tab modal or window
modal, not app modal (it uses both gtk_dialog_run and sets the modal
window hint, both are bad).
3. ephy-gui.c (ephy_gui_confirm_overwrite_file):
This dialog should be modal to its parent file selector dialog but not
to the epiphany application. It uses both gtk_dialog_run and sets the
modal window hint. also it should be an ok cancel, not yes no dialog.
4. ephy-nautilus-view.c (gnv_cmd_file_print):
Creates a modal print dialog, although it doesn't really matter
because of the embedding inside of nautiuls.
5. pdm-dialog.c (show_cookies_properties):
Uses gtk_dialog_run. Should instead keep a hash table creating a
one-to-one relationship between a property window and its cookies and
these dialogs should be destroyed with their parent pdm and not be modal.
6. prefs-dialog.c (prefs_language_more_button_clicked_cb):
More languages dialog, I'm not sure why its modal. given the new ephy
prefs layout this could be directly integrated into the prefs window.
At the very least there is no reason for it to be modal.
1. when you hit tab while viewing a page, mozilla goes through all the
links in the page (which is good), but when it gets to the end it doesn't
tab back up to the first toolbar.
2. right/down arrow while keyboard focus is on the button of a
smartbookmark should probably give focus to the text entry to be consistent
with the arrow behavior of other actions.
3. tabbing out of the text entry of a smart bookmark should give focus to
the next bookmarks bar toolbar item.
4. Using the default toolbar layout, it is impossible to give focus to the
address entry by tabbing from the toolbar 1 to toolbar 2 because the
favicon can't be focused.
5. tabing out of the address entry should give focus to the next toolbar
item (go button in default layout).
6. in arrow buttons, arrow keys should move in between the icon and the arrow.
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