Commit 651eb22f authored by Michael Catanzaro's avatar Michael Catanzaro

Update TODO

parent 18ee5e3f
Some TODO items, in no particular order:
- Pass NULL instead of manually choosing signal marshallers
- Use g_signal_emit instead of g_signal_emit_by_name
- Use g_clear_object in dispose/finalize
- Get rid of object references in dispose, not finalize
- Move all the old code to the new coding style
- embed/ does not make much sense anymore as a name. Rename to
something else, perhaps core/? webview/?
- Replace GtkAction and GtkUIManager with GAction
- Use GtkBuilder instead of declaring the UIs with C
- Kill EphyNode
- We practically don't test any part of Epiphany, change that (how do
you test UI code? There's like 3 or 4 frameworks for this, pick one?
What does Chrome do?)
- Do we want extensions that can mess with the internals? Or only
jetpack-like stuff
- Come up with a C migration plan
Old (double check they still apply):
- Port to new gtk+ uri-list DND APIs
- Use GtkNotebook DnD
perhaps Rust?
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