1. 08 Dec, 2002 1 commit
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  3. 29 Nov, 2002 3 commits
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      (on_selection_changed): Ooops, forgot to disconnect() conn_undo_stack_push_. · 8f306cbd
      daniel_e authored
      That means the mysterious one of the assertions is now fixed -- the remaining
      ones are expected :)
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      (AC_INIT): Version 0.5. · e4ba2571
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      New files, implementing the core of the new undo system. Basically it's a · 026c09c5
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      * src/undostack.{cc,h}: New files, implementing the core of the
      new undo system.  Basically it's a simple undo stack using virtual
      methods for the implementation of undo actions.  But the undo stack
      is itself an undo action, which allows for nested stacks.  This
      functionality is necessary since the undo works globally on all
      * src/filebufferundo.{cc,h}: New files, defining the implementation
      of the FileBuffer undo actions.
      * src/fileshared.{cc,h}: Move parts of filebuffer.{cc,h} into these
      new files, in order to avoid circular dependencies and to reduce the
      length of single source files.
      * src/filetreeprivate.{cc,h}: Move the anonymous namespace parts
      and the nested classes of the FileTree implementation into separate
      files.  filetreeprivate.h is included by filetree.cc only.
      * src/Makefile.am (regexxer_SOURCES): Add new source files.
      * src/filebuffer.{cc,h}: Heavily modify and enhance the code in
      order to support the new undo framework.
      * src/filetree.{cc,h}: ditto.
      * src/controller.{cc,h}: Add undo ControlItem and show menu/toolbar
      items for it.
      * src/mainwindow.{cc,h}: Add code to maintain the undo stack and
      connect the GUI bits.
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