Commit 967d76fc authored by daniel_e's avatar daniel_e
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(ControlItem::add_widget): Honor group_enabled_.

parent 0ed1b144
2002-11-17 Daniel Elstner <>
* src/ (ControlItem::add_widget): Honor group_enabled_.
2002-11-17 Daniel Elstner <>
* src/ Change default size of the window to 600x450
......@@ -112,7 +112,7 @@ void ControlItem::connect(const SigC::Slot0<void>& slot_activated)
void ControlItem::add_widget(Gtk::Widget& widget)
signal_set_sensitive_.connect(SigC::slot(widget, &Gtk::Widget::set_sensitive));
widget.set_sensitive(enabled_ && group_enabled_);
void ControlItem::set_enabled(bool enable)
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