Commit 52d8563a authored by Fabien Parent's avatar Fabien Parent
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Rename schema and path to org.regexxer and /apps/regexxer

parent 06302742
......@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ iconthemedir = $(datadir)/icons/hicolor
appicondir = $(iconthemedir)/48x48/apps
dist_appicon_DATA = ui/regexxer.png
gsettingsschema_DATA = ui/org.gnome.regexxer.gschema.xml
gsettingsschema_DATA = ui/org.regexxer.gschema.xml
desktop_in_files = ui/
desktopdir = $(datadir)/applications
......@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ namespace Regexxer
* The final executable contains exactly one copy of each string literal,
* so there's no need to define them in a separate object file.
const char *const conf_schema = "org.gnome.regexxer";
const char *const conf_schema = "org.regexxer";
const char *const conf_key_textview_font = "textview-font";
const char *const conf_key_match_color = "match-color";
const char *const conf_key_current_match_color = "current-match-color";
<schema id="org.gnome.regexxer" path="/org/gnome/regexxer/">
<schema id="org.regexxer" path="/apps/regexxer/">
<key name="regex-patterns" type="as">
<summary>Regex Patterns</summary>
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