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    Removes the <requires lib="gnome"/> line that was inserted by buggy · 797604cf
    Daniel Elstner authored
    2004-05-16  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* ui/prefdialog.glade: Removes the <requires lib="gnome"/> line
    	that was inserted by buggy glade-2.
    2004-05-14  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/filetree.cc: Replace instances of `...' in message strings
    	with "...".  Since the translator is supposed to use double-quotes
    	it would be confusing to use single quotes in the original string.
    	* src/mainwindow.cc: ditto
    	* src/prefdialog.cc: ditto.
    2004-05-14  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* ui/mainwindow.glade (button_find_files): Use a custom image and
    	label instead of a stock item as button content, so that it can be
    	more clearly distinguished from button_find_matches.
    2004-05-13  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* ui/mainwindow.glade: Reintroduce tearoff menu items by manually
    	inserting the necessary XML elements.
    2004-05-12  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/fileio.cc: Remove the libgnome-vfsmm code already enclosed
    	by #if 0 ... #endif.  It's all in the CVS history anyway.
    	* src/filetree.cc: ditto.
    2004-05-12  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/imagebutton.{cc,h}: Remove files as they're no longer used.
    	* src/Makefile.am (regexxer_SOURCES): Remove imagebutton.{cc,h}.
    2004-05-10  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/globalstrings.h (glade_mainwindow_filename): New string.
    	* src/mainwindow.{cc,h}: Use libglademm to load the UI at runtime,
    	and make the actual Gtk::Window a member of class MainWindow.
    	Remove the old UI creation code.
    	* src/controller.{cc,h} (Controller::load_xml): The menu bar,
    	toolbar and action area is now contained in mainwindow.glade,
    	and thus this new method wholly replaces the old code which
    	generated those widgets.
    	(ControlItem::add_widgets): New helper method intented to help
    	reducing the code size.
    	* src/filetree.cc (regexxer_create_file_tree): New function.
    	* src/statusline.cc (regexxer_create_status_line): New function.
    	* src/main.cc (main): Access the Gtk::Window by using the new
    	accessor method Regexxer::MainWindow::get_window().
    2004-05-10  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* ui/mainwindow.glade: New file defining the main window's UI.
    	* ui/Makefile.am (dist_glade_DATA): Add mainwindow.glade.
    2004-05-10  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/globalstrings.h (glade_aboutdialog_filename): New string.
    	* src/aboutdialog.{cc,h}: Use libglademm to load the dialog UI
    	at runtime, and replace class AboutDialog by a single create()
    	function in namespace Regexxer::AboutDialog.  Remove the old
    	UI creation code.
    	* src/mainwindow.{cc,h} (MainWindow::about_dialog_): Change type
    	to std::auto_ptr<Gtk::Dialog> since AboutDialog no longer exists.
    	Replace all references to AboutDialog in the implementation too.
    	(MainWindow::on_about): Make use of the new AboutDialog::create().
    2004-05-10  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* ui/aboutdialog.glade: New file defining the UI of the about
    	* ui/Makefile.am (dist_glade_DATA): Add aboutdialog.glade.
    2004-05-10  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/prefdialog.cc (PrefDialog::load_xml): Remove superfluous
    2004-05-10  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/prefdialog.cc (regexxer_create_font_selection_button):
    	Add missing parameters to the function signature.
    	(regexxer_create_color_selection_button): ditto.
    2004-05-10  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/Makefile.am (global_defines): Define REGEXXER_PKGDATADIR.
    	* src/globalstrings.h (glade_prefdialog_filename): New string.
    	* src/prefdialog.{cc,h}: Use libglademm to load the dialog UI
    	at runtime, and make the actual dialog widget a data member of
    	class PrefDialog.  Remove the old UI creation code.
    	* src/mainwindow.cc (MainWindow::on_preferences): Use the new
    	PrefDialog::get_dialog() accessor to get the actual widget.
    2004-05-10  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* ui: New directory for glade XML files.
    	* ui/.cvsignore: New file.
    	* ui/Makefile.am: New file.
    	* ui/prefdialog.glade: New file defining the UI of the preferences
    	* configure.ac (PKG_CHECK_MODULES): Check for libglademm-2.0.
    	(AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add ui/Makefile.
    	* Makefile.am (SUBDIRS): Add ui.
    2004-05-08  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* AUTHORS: Add Murray Cumming.
    	* NEWS: Update.
    2004-05-08  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/translation.{cc,h} (sgettext): Ditch the sgettext() approach,
    	because it's not likely to be supported by libglade when regexxer
    	starts using that at some point.  Until now there are no ambiguous
    	messages in regexxer, and we can switch back when the need arises.
    	* src/controller.cc: Remove the disambiguing "...|" prefix from all
    	translatable messages.
    	* src/filebuffer.cc: ditto
    	* src/filetree.cc: ditto
    	* src/mainwindow.cc: ditto
    	* src/prefdialog.cc: ditto
    	* src/statusline.cc: ditto.
    2004-05-07  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/main.cc (stock_icon_info): Rename to 'stock_icon_about',
    	as it should have been called in the first place.  Apparently
    	I misinterpreted a change in the German GNOME translation as
    	project-wide switch to a new name for "About".  Now I realize
    	why Murray changed that string a while ago...
    	* src/controller.{cc,h} (Controller::info): Rename to 'about'.
    	* src/mainwindow.{cc,h} (MainWindow::on_info): Rename to 'on_about'.
    2004-05-06  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/translation.cc (compose_impl): Simplify the loop in order to
    	avoid the need for look-ahead via Util::next().
    2004-05-05  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/translation.cc (compose_impl): Apparently there's no need
    	to use Glib::Unicode::isdigit() since digit_value() is defined to
    	return -1 for non-digits anyway.
    2004-05-05  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/translation.{cc,h} (compose): Add a set of overloaded utility
    	functions to be used to compose a text message from a format string
    	and up to three string arguments.  This allows the translator to
    	arrange the arguments as required by the language.
    	* src/filetree.cc (FileTree::save_file_at_iter): Make use of
    	Util::compose() instead of separately piecing strings together.
    	Also, translate the format string via gettext().
    	(load_file_with_fallback): ditto
    	* src/mainwindow.cc (MainWindow::on_exec_search): ditto
    	* src/prefdialog.cc (PrefDialog::on_entry_fallback_activate):
    2004-05-05  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/miscutils.cc: Compile the runtime check for that gconfmm
    	bug only if REGEXXER_ENABLE_GCONFMM_VALUE_HACK is defined, as it
    	currently always is.
    	* src/main.cc (main): Test for REGEXXER_ENABLE_GCONFMM_VALUE_HACK
    	around the call to Util::check_for_broken_gconfmm_value_changed().
    2004-05-05  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/translation.{cc,h} (initialize_gettext): New utility
    	function to take care of setting up the text domain.
    	* src/main.cc (main): Use initialize_gettext().
    2004-05-05  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* ABOUT-NLS: Add missing file to fix the build.
    	* src/aboutdialog.cc: Translate all user-visible strings except
    	for those instances where positional parameter substitution is
    	required for proper results.  I'll deal with those ones later.
    	* src/controller.cc: ditto
    	* src/filebuffer.cc: ditto
    	* src/filetree.cc: ditto
    	* src/main.cc: ditto
    	* src/mainwindow.cc: ditto
    	* src/pcreshell.cc: ditto
    	* src/prefdialog.cc: ditto
    	* src/statusline.cc: ditto.
    	* src/translation.h (N_): #define to gettext_noop(s) rather than
    	simply (s).  This doesn't actually make a difference but I think
    	the intent is clearer that way.
    2004-05-05  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	Add support for message translation via gettext.
    	* po: New directory, containing all the gettext stuff.
    	* config.rpath: New file added by gettextize.
    	* mkinstalldirs: ditto.
    	* Makefile.am (dist_noinst_SCRIPTS): Add config.rpath.
    	* autogen.sh: Don't remove mkinstalldirs because it's not
    	installed by automake --add-missing, and gettext uses it.
    	(WARNINGS): Comment-out in order to reduce the flood of warnings
    	triggered by all the old m4 code in system macros.
    	* configure.ac: Invoke AM_GNU_GETTEXT().
    	(AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add po/Makefile.in.
    	* NEWS: Update.
    	* src/translation.{cc,h}: New files implementing gettext() support.
    	* src/statusline.cc: Translate the label of the "Stop" button.
    	* src/main.cc (main): Add code to initialize the text domain.
    	* src/Makefile.am (regexxer_SOURCES): Add translation.{cc,h}.
    2004-05-05  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/miscutils.{cc,h} (check_for_broken_gconfmm_value_changed):
    	Implement a truly evil run-time check for that gconfmm bug.
    	Although this one is already fixed in CVS, there's no release out
    	yet and for now I wouldn't like regexxer to depend on it anyway.
    	(has_broken_gconfmm_value_changed): Provide an accessor function
    	to the global flag indicating whether gconfmm is broken.
    	* src/main.cc (main): Call check_for_broken_gconfmm_value_changed().
    	* configure.ac (REGEXXER_GCONFMM_VALUE_HACK): Make this macro
    	call has_broken_gconfmm_value_changed() to determine whether the
    	work-around has to be applied.
    2004-05-05  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/filebuffer.cc (FileBuffer::replace_match): Invoke on_insert()
    	directly in case of empty-by-empty replace in order to avoid this
    	nasty special-case where a FileBufferActionRemoveMatch object in
    	the stack is not followed by either an insert or an erase action.
    	This finally fixes the last one of undo system bugs known to me.
    2004-05-05  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* configure.ac (AC_INIT): Bump version number to 0.7.
    2004-05-05  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* src/*.{cc,h}: Apply a minor change of my coding style.  From
    	now on, I put a space between a keyword and the following opening
    	parenthesis.  That is, after for, while, if, switch and catch, with
    	sizeof being the only (I think rather intuitive) exception.
    	* src/globalstrings.h: New file containing (you guess it) global
    	string definitions.  Currently these are mostly fully qualified
    	GConf key names.
    	* src/configdata.{cc,h}: Delete, as we're now using GConf.
    	* src/Makefile.am (regexxer_SOURCES): Modify accordingly.
    	* src/aboutdialog.cc: Prefix URL and mail strings with U+202D
    	LEFT-TO-RIGHT OVERRIDE in order to avoid the current mess in
    	RTL environments.
    	(ContributorBox::ContributorBox): Escape the 'what' string by
    	passing it to Glib::Markup::escape_text(), just in case.
    	* src/controller.cc (add_widget_button): Reverse parameters
    	for consistency with the other helper functions.
    	(Controller::create_action_area): Make the implementation reflect
    	this change.
    	* src/filebuffer.{cc,h} (RegexxerTags::on_conf_value_changed):
    	New signal handler listening to GConf value changes.
    	(RegexxerTags::instance): Return the RefPtr<> by value rather
    	than by reference, because as it turns out the extra indirection
    	largely offsets the advantage gained by avoiding one additional
    	ref/unref cycle.
    	(FileBuffer::set_match_color): Remove; this setter is no longer
    	necessary since we're now listing to GConf changes and apply them
    	(set_current_color): ditto
    	(get_match_color): ditto
    	(get_current_color): ditto.
    	(FileBuffer::weak_undo_stack_): Introduce a new data member used to
    	record all UndoAction objects that reference MatchData instances.
    	This is unfortunately necessary in order to be able to remove
    	UndoActions without actually doing the undo operation, for instance
    	when running find_matches() again.
    	(notify_weak_undos): New function dealing with the weak references.
    	(undo_add_weak): ditto
    	(undo_remove_weak): ditto.
    	(signal_match_count_changed): Remove the count argument as this
    	information can easily be obtained by using the appropriate getter.
    	(create_with_error_message): Invoke Unicode::ispunct() instead of
    	testing for '.' explicitely.
    	(is_freeable): Return true only if there are no UndoAction objects
    	around referencing this FileBuffer.
    	(find_matches): Call notify_weak_undos() to get rid of any
    	references by UndoAction objects to this FileBuffer.
    	(get_line_preview): Make this method strongly exception-safe.
    	(on_apply_tag): New virtual method implementation, needed in order
    	to filter tag apply operations caused by inserting from clipboard.
    	This avoids confusion caused by highlighting text as match which
    	is not recorded as such internally.
    	* src/undostack.{cc,h}: Provide a way to interrupt a running undo
    	operation (i.e. by clicking the 'Stop' button in the GUI).
    	(do_undo): Add a slot parameter for this purpose.
    	(undo): ditto.
    	* src/filebufferundo.{cc,h} (do_undo): Make use of the new slot
    	parameter in order to allow for interuption of the undo process.
    	(FileBufferActionRemoveMatch): Make use of the weak notification
    	mechanism now provided by FileBuffer.
    	* src/fileshared.h (MatchData::get_match_length): Remove this
    	pointless accessor function.
    	* src/fileshared.cc (MatchData::~MatchData): Be extra careful
    	and remove the quark pointing to the MatchData instance from the
    	mark object.
    	* src/filetree.{cc,h} (FileTree::on_conf_value_changed): New
    	signal handler listening to GConf value changes.
    	(set_fallback_encoding): Remove this now pointless accessor.
    	(get_fallback_encoding): ditto.
    	(expand_and_select): Get rid of compatibility code for GTK+ < 2.2.
    	(on_buffer_match_count_changed): Adapt to the changes made to
    	* src/filetreeprivate.cc (collatekey_sort_func): Use std::memcmp()
    	instead of std::strcmp() as the former allows for inlining of the
    	string operation by gcc.
    	(FileTree::BufferActionShell::do_undo): Make use of the new slot
    	parameter in order to allow for interuption of the undo process.
    	* src/main.cc (set_default_window_icon): New name, formerly
    	regexxer_set_window_icon().  Replace the pixbuf list stuff with
    	a simple call to Gtk::Window::set_default_icon_from_file().
    	(trap_gconf_exceptions): New global exception handler callback,
    	invoked whenever an exception escapes from a C++ handler of
    	a GObject signal.  Our particular handler is used to filter any
    	Gnome::Conf::Error exceptions, thus in essence ignoring them.
    	This way we don't need to deal with exceptions in each handler
    	of the GConf "value_changed" signal.
    	(initialize_configuration): New function to be invoked by main()
    	in order to load the initial configuration values.  By emitting
    	an artificial "value_changed" signal for each entry in regexxer's
    	GConf directory, the need for separate initialization code for
    	each key is neatly avoided.
    	(main): Accomodate the changes listed above.
    	* src/mainwindow.{cc,h} (MainWindow::on_conf_value_changed):
    	New signal handler listening to GConf value changes.
    	(on_preferences): Remove all the code dealing with individual
    	configuration values, since we're now using a decentralized change
    	notification approach instead.
    	(load_configuration): Ditch this.
    	(save_configuration): ditto.
    	(confirm_quit_request): Honor the fact that the new GTK+ file
    	selector doesn't append '/' to directories anymore.  This bug
    	is quite annoying and should have been fixed months ago :/
    	Also widen the dialog's default size to 400 pixels.
    	(on_buffer_match_count_changed): Remove, there's no need to
    	listen for this on the FileBuffer because the FileTree is
    	reflecting these changes anyway.
    	(on_buffer_bound_state_changed): ditto.
    	(on_bound_state_changed): Because there's only one now, rename
    	from on_filetree_bound_state_changed().
    	(on_filetree_match_count_changed): Take care of the FileBuffer
    	match count as well.
    	(on_go_next): Replace the 0.2 delta passed to scroll_to_mark()
    	with 0.125, as the latter looks nicer to my eyes and also happens
    	to be a 'round' number in base 2.
    	(on_undo): Accomodate the changes made to the UndoAction classes
    	in order to allow for interruption of the running undo process.
    	Also instantiate a BusyAction object for this purpose.
    	(undo_stack_clear): New method.
    	(set_title_filename): Replace the plain '-' by U+2013 EN DASH.
    	* src/miscutils.{cc,h} (gtk_version_at_least): Remove since it's
    	no longer used.
    	* src/pcreshell.{cc,h}: To my astonisment I found out that the
    	source of my constant trouble with libpcre and UTF-8 text was
    	caused by pcre_study() alone!  The great thing is of course that
    	simply not using that silly function is all that's needed to get
    	rid of this constant source of mayhem.
    	(escape_non_ascii): Remove, since no longer needed.
    	(translate_to_char_offset): Get rid of this one too.
    	(byte_to_char_offset): New little helper function.
    	(check_for_single_byte_escape): The "\C" escape sequence seems
    	to be only thing we still have to take care of manually.  This
    	particular sequence matches a single byte even of a multi-byte
    	character, and thus is likely to cause hell to break loose.
    	(Pattern::pcre_extra_): Remove.
    	(Pattern::Pattern): Get rid of the pcre_study() call, and
    	make use of the new check_for_single_byte_escape() function.
    	(Pattern::~Pattern): No need to free pcre_extra_ anymore.
    	(Pattern::match): Throw an exception if the regular expression
    	exceeds the recursion and backtracking limit of libpcre.
    	(CompileOptions): Implement the remaining bit manipulation
    	operators for completeness.
    	(MatchOptions): ditto.
    	* src/prefdialog.{cc,h} (get_toolbar_style_index): New helper
    	(FontSelectionButton::set_selected_font): Take the font name
    	rather than a Pango::FontDescription object as parameter.
    	(get_selected_font): Likewise for the return type.
    	(PrefDialog::button_direction_): New Gtk::CheckButton member,
    	allowing users of RTL environments to override the direction
    	of regexxer's file editor alone.
    	(on_conf_value_changed): New signal handler listening to
    	GConf value changes.
    	(initialize_configuration): New function to load the initial
    	settings immediately after creation of the preference dialog.
    	Works just like the identically named function in main.cc,
    	except that it invokes on_conf_value_changed() directly instead
    	of triggering the global "value_changed" signal.
    	(on_textview_font_selected): Set the appropriate GConf key
    	instead of using the old internal signal feedback mechanism.
    	(on_match_color_selected): ditto
    	(on_current_color_selected): ditto
    	(on_option_toolbar_style_changed): ditto
    	(on_entry_fallback_activate): ditto.
    	(on_button_direction_toggled): New method.
    	(signal_pref_textview_font_changed): Remove.
    	(signal_pref_match_color_changed): Remove.
    	(signal_pref_current_color_changed): Remove.
    	(signal_pref_toolbar_style_changed): Remove.
    	(signal_pref_fallback_encoding_changed): Remove.
    	(on_entry_fallback_changed): Record that entry content was changed
    	by setting the boolean entry_fallback_changed_ flag.  This is just
    	to avoid superfluous commits to the GConf database every time the
    	preference dialog is closed.
    	(on_response): Evaluate entry_fallback_changed_ (see above),
    	and make sure no Gnome::Conf::Error exceptions escape from
    	(create_page_look): Move the signal handler setup to the ctor.
    	(create_page_file): ditto.
    	* src/statusline.cc (CounterBox::CounterBox): Catch possible
    	exceptions when applying the locale to the stream object, in
    	order to avoid crashing if the user's locale is invalid.
    	* src/stringutils.cc (apply_modifiers): Modify the code a bit
    	to reduce the number of string copies made.
    	(parse_control_char): Add a 'dest' output parameter to avoid
    	returning a string by value.
    	(parse_hex_unichar): ditto
    	(parse_oct_unichar): ditto.
    	(parse_capture_index): New helper function to deal with both
    	"$1" and "${1}"-style references in the substitution string.
    	(validate_encoding): Simplify.  Also, don't accept any error
    	codes but NO_CONVERSION.
    	(encodings_equal): No longer use std::find_if() since it really
    	doesn't make the code any simpler in this particular case.
    	(trim_whitespace): Remove; no longer used.
    	(shell_pattern_to_regex): Various performance improvements.
    	Also take care of a possible trailing backslash to avoid escaping
    	the "\z" appended by regexxer itself.
    	(substitute_references): Restructure the loop a bit, and accomodate
    	the changes made to the parse_*_char() functions mentioned above.
    	Also, avoid the need for ascii_isodigit() in the default branch by
    	simply adding all 8 octal digits as case labels.
    	(int_to_string): Catch any exceptions that might occur when
    	applying the locale to the stream.  This could happen if the
    	user's default locale is invalid.
    	(transform_pathname): Replace this silly 2-in-1 function by
    	separate shorten_pathname() and expand_pathname() implementations.
    	There really is no need to cache the home directory in a static
    	(shorten_pathname): Implement separately rather than forwarding
    	to transform_pathname().
    	(expand_pathname): ditto.
    	(enum_from_nick): New utility function to convert the 'nick'
    	of a particular enumeration value to the actual integer value.
    	This of course requires the the enumeration type to be registered
    	via the GObject type system.
    	(enum_to_nick): Likewise, but the other way around.
    	(enum_from_nick_impl): Non-template implementation part.
    	(enum_to_nick_impl): ditto.
    2004-05-04  Daniel Elstner  <daniel.elstner@gmx.net>
    	* macros/cxx.m4: Make use of the new AS_IF() macro, and also
    	improve the portability of the shell code a bit.
    	* macros/pcre.m4: Ditto.
    	* macros/misc.m4: New file, introducing a REGEXXER_PKG_PATH_PROG
    	macro which can be used to look for executables that might live
    	in subdirectories indicated by pkg-config output.
    	* autogen.sh: Some minor shell coding-style improvements.
    	* configure.ac: Invoke the new REGEXXER_PKG_PATH_PROG macro in
    	order to look for gdk-pixbuf-csource.  Use the new macro to look
    	for gconftool-2 as well.
    	(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Remove the tests for sys/types.h, sys/stat.h,
    	umask() and mode_t since they're no longer necessary.
    	(PKG_CHECK_MODULES): Substitute the GTKMM prefix by PKG (I don't
    	like MM_DEPS as introduced by Murray in HEAD.)  Also, get rid of
    	the libgnomevfsmm dependency.
    	(REGEXXER_ENABLE_GCONFMM_VALUE_HACK): New preprocessor macro to
    	be inserted into config.h.  This isn't actually used yet, I'll
    	get to that later.
    	* regexxer.schemas: New file.
    	* Makefile.am: Add rules taking care of the installation of the
    	GConf schema file.
    	(dist_schema_DATA): Add regexxer.schemas to the distribution.
    	(dist_noinst_DATA): Ditto for macros/misc.m4.
    	(DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS): Include --disable-schemas-install.
    	* src/Makefile.am: Reflect the substitution of GTKMM by PKG made
    	in configure.ac.
    	(AM_CPPFLAGS): Use this variable in place of regexxer_CPPFLAGS,
    	because executable-specific CFLAGS is not something regexxer ever
    	intended to use.
    	* src/main.cc: Get rid of the libgnomevfsmm dependency.  For one
    	thing, the code using it didn't actually work with remote URIs.
    	For another, as of now there's no stable release of this library
    	in sight, no to mention a widely distributed release.
    	* src/fileio.cc (load_try_encoding): Comment-out the gnomevfs code
    	and replace it with the original Glib::IOChannel code instead.
    	(save_file): ditto.
    	* src/filetree.cc (find_recursively): Comment-out and replace with
    	the previous non-gnomevfs code.
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