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    Execute glib-gettextize and intltoolize. · 4be333e4
    Daniel Elstner authored
    * autogen.sh: Execute glib-gettextize and intltoolize.
    * configure.ac: Call AC_PROG_INTLTOOL().  Assign ALL_LINGUAS and
    GETTEXT_PACKAGE, and do an AC_SUBST() of the latter.
    * Makefile.am (dist_desktop_DATA): Remove the dist_ prefix,
    introduce desktop_in_files, and add the @INTLTOOL_DESKTOP_RULE@
    substitution in order to make regexxer intltool-aware.
    (dist_schema_DATA): Likewise for the GConf schemas file.
    (dist_noinst_SCRIPTS): Add intltool-extract.in, intltool-merge.in
    and intltool-update.in.
    * regexxer.desktop: Rename to regexxer.desktop.in, use _Comment
    instead of Comment, and remove the manually inserted de and dk
    * regexxer.schemas: Rename to regexxer.schemas.in.
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