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PolicyKit-gnome 0.9
Release on July 22th 2008.
Highlights of this release
o Bug fixes
o Avoid grabbing the pointer when showing dialog
o Remember state for "remember authorization" check box per action.
o New translations: ca, po, pt, ru, sk, cs, pt_BR, zh_CN, de
Requirements for PolicyKit-gnome 0.8
- PolicyKit == 0.9
- GTK+ >= 2.12
- dbus >= 1.0
- dbus-glib >= 0.71
- gnome-vfs >= 2.4
- libsexy >= 0.1.11
- GConf >= 2.8
PolicyKit-gnome 0.8
TODO: write me
PolicyKit-gnome provides
(test commit from git)
- An Authentication Agent for PolicyKit that integrates well with the
GNOME desktop environment
- A shared library to easily integrate usage of PolicyKit into GTK+
See for lots of
documentation, mailing lists, etc. about PolicyKit.
See also the file HACKING for notes of interest to developers working
on PolicyKit-gnome.
Report bugs against PolicyKit-gnome at the GNOME bugzilla
against the policykit-gnome product.
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([1.9 foreign dist-bzip2 no-dist-gzip])
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