Commit c67303ec authored by Michael Haubenwallner's avatar Michael Haubenwallner Committed by Michael Meeks

bug#732274: fix parallel build failure

parent c50f193f
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ libname_server_2_a_DEPENDENCIES = $(DEPS) CosNaming.h
orbit_name_server_2_SOURCES = boot.c
orbit_name_server_2_LDFLAGS = $(FLAGS)
orbit_name_server_2_DEPENDENCIES = $(DEPS) CosNaming.h
orbit_name_server_2_DEPENDENCIES = $(DEPS) CosNaming.h libname-server-2.a
orbit_name_server_2_LDADD = libname-server-2.a $(LDADDS)
$(libname_server_2_a_OBJECTS) $(name_client_2_OBJECTS) $(orbit_name_server_2_OBJECTS) : CosNaming.h
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