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This is gpaint (GNU Paint), a small-scale painting program for GNOME, the GNU
Desktop.  Gpaint does not attempt to compete with GIMP.  Think of GIMP is like
Photoshop as gpaint is like Windows Paint.
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Gpaint is still work in progress and many features are still being developed. 
However, gpaint is usable already for simple image editing..  

Currently gpaint has the following features:
   * Drawing tools--ovals, freehand, polygon, text, with fill or shallow for 
     polygons and closed freehand, and brushes.
   * Cut and paste by selecting regions or polygons.
   * Print support using gnome-print (basic functionality is there) 
   * Modern, ease-to-use user interface with tool and color palettes
   * Editing multiple image at the same time without running multiple instance
     of the image editor
   * All image processing features present in xpaint

Gpaint requires the GNOME environment (gtk+ 1.2.8 or above, gnome-libs 1.2.4 or
above, gdkimlib and gdk-pixbuf 0.9 or above, gnome-print 0.25 or above).  It
requires both gdkimlib and gdk-pixbuf at this point because gpaint uses
gdk-pixbuf internally but gdk-pixbuf does not provide image saving functions at
this point.  As gdk-pixbuf acquires image saving capabilities from gtk+ 2.0,
the dependency on gdkimlib will be removed.

A large part of gpaint is derived from xpaint 2.4.9, authored by David Koblas
and later Torsten Martinsen.  Gpaint also uses the gtkscrollframe widget (taking
from eog 0.5) by Federco Mena-Quintero.

Future plans include the implementation of zooming in/out, image
scaling/rotation, and turning gpaint into a Bonobo component for simple image
editing tasks.

Thanks to Michael A. Meffie III  ( for improving the menu
interface, bug fixes and brush implementation, and just great improvements to

Thanks to 
Pierre Sarrazin <>
for providing the RPM spec file, and George Farris <> for the
gpaint.desktop file.

Thanks to several people who submitted Japanese message catalogs.  They will be
included in future releases.

Also, I may soon move the main development to the GNOME 2 platform, 
although I would like to try to push farther on the GNOME 1.4 platform to 
make gpaint useful to GNOME 1.4 users. The exact point of when to switch has not
been decided.

For bugs or general comments please send mail to Andy Tai,

Andy Tai