Commit d55e1172 authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson
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Separate out locale data to sub-runtimes

parent 7ba750df
......@@ -8,22 +8,56 @@ NAME=$5
set -x
rm -rf commit
mkdir -p commit
rm -rf commit-locales
mkdir -p commit-locales
echo "extracting ${TAR}"
tar xf ${TAR} -C commit
cp ${METADATA} commit/metadata
echo "extracting locales"
for F in commit/files/share/locale/*; do
BASENAME=`basename $F`
LOCALE=`basename $F | sed s/[@_].*//`
mkdir -p commit-locales/$LOCALE/files/share
mkdir -p commit/files/share/gnome-sdk/locale/$LOCALE/share/$BASENAME
mv $F commit-locales/$LOCALE/files/share
ln -s ../gnome-sdk/locale/$LOCALE/share/$BASENAME $F
for F in commit/files/lib/locale/*; do
BASENAME=`basename $F`
LOCALE=`basename $F | sed s/[@_].*//`
mkdir -p commit-locales/$LOCALE/files/lib
mkdir -p commit/files/share/gnome-sdk/locale/$LOCALE/lib/$BASENAME
mv $F commit-locales/$LOCALE/files/lib
ln -s ../../share/gnome-sdk/locale/$LOCALE/lib/$BASENAME $F
echo "commiting runtime/${NAME}/${ARCH}/${VERSION}"
ostree commit --repo=${REPO} --branch=runtime/${NAME}/${ARCH}/${VERSION} --owner-uid=0 --owner-gid=0 --disable-fsync --no-xattrs -s "release" commit
for F in commit-locales/*; do
LOCALE=`basename $F`
echo "commiting runtime/${NAME}.Locale.$LOCALE/${ARCH}/${VERSION}"
ostree commit --repo=${REPO} --branch=runtime/${NAME}.Locale.$LOCALE/${ARCH}/${VERSION} --owner-uid=0 --owner-gid=0 --disable-fsync --no-xattrs -s "release" $F
rm -rf commit
mkdir -p commit
echo "extracting ${TAR_VAR}"
tar xf ${TAR_VAR} -C commit
echo "commiting runtime/${NAME}.Var/${ARCH}/${VERSION}"
ostree commit --repo=${REPO} --branch=runtime/${NAME}.Var/${ARCH}/${VERSION} --owner-uid=0 --owner-gid=0 --disable-fsync --no-xattrs -s "release" commit
if [ ${REPO} == "release/repo" ]; then
echo "commiting generating deltas"
ostree static-delta generate --repo=${REPO} --min-fallback-size 1 --empty runtime/${NAME}/x86_64/3.16
ostree static-delta generate --repo=${REPO} --min-fallback-size 1 --empty runtime/${NAME}.Var/x86_64/3.16
echo "commiting summary"
ostree summary -u --repo=${REPO}
echo "syncing"
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