Commit b09899c4 authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson
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Fix fontconfig caches

After everything is installed we reset the mtime of the fontconfig dirs
to 0 and regenerate the caches. This is needed to make sure they are
used at runtime (when the mtime of an app checkout is always 0).
parent 017613f2
......@@ -161,6 +161,7 @@ rpm-dependencies.P: $(ALL_SPECS) $(SDK_BASE_IMAGE)
gnome-sdk.tar.gz gnome-sdk-rpmdb.tar.gz: $(NOARCH)/gnome-sdk-0.1-1.sdk.noarch.rpm
./ smart install -y $(NOARCH)/gnome-sdk-0.1-1.sdk.noarch.rpm
./ ./
rm -rf gnome-sdk.tar.gz gnome-sdk-rpmdb.tar.gz
tar --transform 's,^build/root/usr,files,S' -czf gnome-sdk.tar.gz build/root/usr --owner=root
tar --transform 's,^build/var,files,S' -czf gnome-sdk-rpmdb.tar.gz build/var/lib/rpm --owner=root
......@@ -177,6 +178,7 @@ gnome-debug.tar.gz gnome-debug-src.tar.gz: $(NOARCH)/gnome-debug-0.1-1.sdk.noarc
freedesktop-sdk.tar.gz freedesktop-sdk-rpmdb.tar.gz: $(NOARCH)/freedesktop-sdk-0.1-1.sdk.noarch.rpm
./ smart install -y $(NOARCH)/freedesktop-sdk-0.1-1.sdk.noarch.rpm
./ ./
rm -rf freedesktop-sdk.tar.gz freedesktop-sdk-rpmdb.tar.gz
tar --transform 's,^build/root/usr,files,S' -czf freedesktop-sdk.tar.gz build/root/usr --owner=root
tar --transform 's,^build/var,files,S' -czf freedesktop-sdk-rpmdb.tar.gz build/var/lib/rpm --owner=root
......@@ -213,6 +215,7 @@ freedesktop-platform.tar.gz freedesktop-platform-rpmdb.tar.gz: freedesktop-platf
-echo building freedesktop-platform
./ rpm -Uvh `cat freedesktop-platform-packages`
./ ./
tar --transform 's,^build/root/usr,files,S' -czf freedesktop-platform.tar.gz build/root/usr --owner=root
tar --transform 's,^build/var,files,S' -czf freedesktop-platform-rpmdb.tar.gz build/var/lib/rpm --owner=root
......@@ -227,6 +230,7 @@ gnome-platform.tar.gz gnome-platform-rpmdb.tar.gz: gnome-platform-packages $(NOA
-echo building gnome-platform
./ rpm -Uvh `cat gnome-platform-packages`
./ ./
tar --transform 's,^build/root/usr,files,S' -czf gnome-platform.tar.gz build/root/usr --owner=root
tar --transform 's,^build/var,files,S' -czf gnome-platform-rpmdb.tar.gz build/var/lib/rpm --owner=root
touch -d @0 /usr/share/fonts
touch -d @0 /usr/share/fonts/*
fc-cache -fs
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