Commit 05013a2e authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson
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Commit var trees too

parent 457a4b65
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ gnome-sdk.tar.gz gnome-sdk-rpmdb.tar.gz: $(NOARCH)/gnome-sdk-0.1-1.noarch.rpm
./ smart install -y $(NOARCH)/gnome-sdk-0.1-1.noarch.rpm
rm -rf gnome-sdk.tar.gz
tar --transform 's,^root/usr,files,S' -czf gnome-sdk.tar.gz root/usr --owner=root
tar --transform 's,^var/,,S' -czf gnome-sdk-rpmdb.tar.gz var/lib/rpm --owner=root
tar --transform 's,^var,files,S' -czf gnome-sdk-rpmdb.tar.gz var/lib/rpm --owner=root
gnome-platform-base: $(NOARCH)/gnome-platform-base-0.1-1.noarch.rpm
......@@ -81,23 +81,31 @@ gnome-platform.tar.gz gnome-platform-rpmdb.tar.gz: gnome-platform-packages $(NOA
./ $(IMAGES)/gnomeos-contents-platform-$(ARCH).tar.gz
./ rpm -Uvh `cat gnome-platform-packages`
tar --transform 's,^root/usr,files,S' -czf gnome-platform.tar.gz root/usr --owner=root
tar --transform 's,^var/,,S' -czf gnome-platform-rpmdb.tar.gz var/lib/rpm --owner=root
tar --transform 's,^var,files,S' -czf gnome-platform-rpmdb.tar.gz var/lib/rpm --owner=root
ostree init --mode=archive-z2 --repo=repository
#TODO: Add --owner-uid=0 --owner-gid=0
commit-platform: repository gnome-platform.tar.gz
commit-platform: repository gnome-platform.tar.gz gnome-platform-rpmdb.tar.gz
rm -rf commit
mkdir -p commit
tar xvf gnome-platform.tar.gz -C commit
tar xf gnome-platform.tar.gz -C commit
ostree commit --repo=repository --branch=runtime/org.gnome.Platform/$(ARCH)/$(VERSION) --disable-fsync --no-xattrs -s "commit" commit
rm -rf commit
mkdir -p commit
tar xf gnome-platform-rpmdb.tar.gz -C commit
ostree commit --repo=repository --branch=runtime/org.gnome.PlatformVar/$(ARCH)/$(VERSION) --disable-fsync --no-xattrs -s "commit" commit
commit-sdk: repository gnome-sdk.tar.gz
commit-sdk: repository gnome-sdk.tar.gz gnome-sdk-rpmdb.tar.gz
rm -rf commit
mkdir -p commit
tar xvf gnome-sdk.tar.gz -C commit
tar xf gnome-sdk.tar.gz -C commit
ostree commit --repo=repository --branch=runtime/org.gnome.Sdk/$(ARCH)/$(VERSION) --disable-fsync --no-xattrs -s "commit" commit
rm -rf commit
mkdir -p commit
tar xf gnome-sdk-rpmdb.tar.gz -C commit
ostree commit --repo=repository --branch=runtime/org.gnome.SdkVar/$(ARCH)/$(VERSION) --disable-fsync --no-xattrs -s "commit" commit
commit: commit-sdk commit-platform
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