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# please keep this list sorted alphabetically
# Aragonese translation for gnome-screensaver.
# Copyright (C) 2012 gnome-screensaver's COPYRIGHT HOLDER
# This file is distributed under the same license as the gnome-screensaver package.
# Daniel Martinez <>, 2012.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: gnome-screensaver master\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2012-04-05 03:00+0000\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2012-04-13 11:49+0200\n"
"Last-Translator: Daniel Martinez <>\n"
"Language-Team: Aragonés <>\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bits\n"
"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n!=1);\n"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-command.c:46
msgid "Causes the screensaver to exit gracefully"
msgstr "Fa que o salvapantallas remate de forma correcta"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-command.c:48
msgid "Query the state of the screensaver"
msgstr "Consulta l'estau d'o salvapantallas"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-command.c:50
msgid "Query the length of time the screensaver has been active"
msgstr "Consultar quanto tiempo ha estau activo o salvapantallas"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-command.c:52
msgid "Tells the running screensaver process to lock the screen immediately"
msgstr ""
"Le diz a o proceso d'o salvapantallas en execución que bloque a pantalla "
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-command.c:54
msgid "Turn the screensaver on (blank the screen)"
msgstr "Activar o salvapantallas (ennegrir a pantalla)"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-command.c:56
msgid "If the screensaver is active then deactivate it (un-blank the screen)"
msgstr ""
"Si o salvapantallas ye activo alavez lo desactiva (esennegrir a pantalla)"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-command.c:58 ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:59
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver.c:56
msgid "Version of this application"
msgstr "Versión d'ista aplicación"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-command.c:224
#, c-format
msgid "The screensaver is active\n"
msgstr "O salvapantallas ye activo\n"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-command.c:226
#, c-format
msgid "The screensaver is inactive\n"
msgstr "O salvapantallas ye inactivo\n"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-command.c:256
#, c-format
msgid "The screensaver has been active for %d second.\n"
msgid_plural "The screensaver has been active for %d seconds.\n"
msgstr[0] "O salvapantallas ha estau activo %d segundo.\n"
msgstr[1] "O salvapantallas ha estau activo %d segundos.\n"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-command.c:258
#, c-format
msgid "The screensaver is not currently active.\n"
msgstr "Actualment o salvapantallas no ye activo.\n"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:57
msgid "Show debugging output"
msgstr "Amostrar a salida de depuración"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:61
msgid "Show the logout button"
msgstr "Amostrar o botón de zarrar sesión"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:63
msgid "Command to invoke from the logout button"
msgstr "Comando ta invocar dende o botón de zarre de sesión"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:65
msgid "Show the switch user button"
msgstr "Amostrar o botón de cambeo d'usuario"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:67
msgid "Message to show in the dialog"
msgstr "Mensache ta amostrar en o dialogo"
#. Translators: This is the example input for the --status-message command line option.
#. Translators: This is the example input for the --away-message command line option.
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:69 ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:73
msgid "MESSAGE"
msgstr "MENSACHE"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:71
msgid "Not used"
msgstr "No usau"
#. login: is whacked always translate to Username:
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:183 ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:184
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:185 ../src/gs-auth-pam.c:698
msgid "Username:"
msgstr "Usuario:"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:186 ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:187
#: ../src/gs-auth-pam.c:166
msgid "Password:"
msgstr "Clau:"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:188
msgid "You are required to change your password immediately (password aged)"
msgstr "Ha de cambiar a clau immediatament (a clau caducó)"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:189
msgid "You are required to change your password immediately (root enforced)"
msgstr "Ha de cambiar a clau immediatament (forzau por l'administrador)"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:190
msgid "Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator"
msgstr "A suya cuenta ha caducado. Contacte con l'administrador d'o sistema"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:191
msgid "No password supplied"
msgstr "No introdució garra clau"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:192
msgid "Password unchanged"
msgstr "Clau no cambiada"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:193
msgid "Cannot get username"
msgstr "No se puede obtener o nombre d'usuario"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:194
msgid "Retype new Unix password:"
msgstr "Torne a teclear a clau d'UNIX nueva:"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:195
msgid "Enter new Unix password:"
msgstr "Introduzca una clau UNIX nueva:"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:196
msgid "(current) Unix password:"
msgstr "Clau UNIX (actual):"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:197
msgid "Error while changing NIS password."
msgstr "Error en cambiar a clau NIS."
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:198
msgid "You must choose a longer password"
msgstr "Ha de trigar una clau mas larga"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:199
msgid "Password has been already used. Choose another."
msgstr "A clau ya ha estau usada. Trigue atra."
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:200
msgid "You must wait longer to change your password"
msgstr "Ha d'aguardar mas ta cambiar a suya clau"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:201
msgid "Sorry, passwords do not match"
msgstr "As claus no coinciden"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:267
msgid "Checking…"
msgstr "Comprebando…"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver-dialog.c:309 ../src/gs-auth-pam.c:457
msgid "Authentication failed."
msgstr "L'autenticación ha fallau."
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver.c:57
msgid "Don't become a daemon"
msgstr "No convertir en un demonio"
#: ../src/gnome-screensaver.c:58
msgid "Enable debugging code"
msgstr "Activar codigo de depuración"
#: ../src/
msgid "Screensaver"
msgstr "Salvapantallas"
#: ../src/
msgid "Launch screensaver and locker program"
msgstr "Lanzar o salvapantallas y o programa de bloqueyo"
#: ../src/gs-auth-pam.c:397
#, c-format
msgid "Unable to establish service %s: %s\n"
msgstr "Incapaz d'establir o servicio %s: %s\n"
#: ../src/gs-auth-pam.c:423
#, c-format
msgid "Can't set PAM_TTY=%s"
msgstr " No se puede establir PAM_TTY=%s"
#: ../src/gs-auth-pam.c:455
msgid "Incorrect password."
msgstr " Clau incorrecta."
#: ../src/gs-auth-pam.c:471
msgid "Not permitted to gain access at this time."
msgstr "No le ye permitiu ganar acceso en iste inte."
#: ../src/gs-auth-pam.c:477
msgid "No longer permitted to access the system."
msgstr "Ya no se le permite accedir en adebant a iste sistema."
#: ../src/gs-listener-dbus.c:1285
msgid "failed to register with the message bus"
msgstr "falló en rechistrar con o bus d'o mensache"
#: ../src/gs-listener-dbus.c:1295
msgid "not connected to the message bus"
msgstr "no connectau a o bus de mensaches"
#: ../src/gs-listener-dbus.c:1304 ../src/gs-listener-dbus.c:1334
msgid "screensaver already running in this session"
msgstr "ya se ye executando o salvapantallas en ista sesión"
#: ../src/gs-lock-plug.c:255
msgid "Time has expired."
msgstr "Tiempo acotolau."
#: ../src/gs-lock-plug.c:286
msgid "You have the Caps Lock key on."
msgstr "Tiene a tecla «Bloq Mayús» pretada."
#: ../src/gs-lock-plug.c:1353
msgid "S_witch User…"
msgstr "_Cambear usuario…"
#: ../src/gs-lock-plug.c:1362
msgid "Log _Out"
msgstr "Zarrar _sesión"
#: ../src/gs-lock-plug.c:1369
msgid "_Unlock"
msgstr "_Desbloquiar"
#: ../src/gs-lock-plug.c:1408
msgid "_Password:"
msgstr "_Clau:"
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