Commit d4dcbd65 authored by Ray Strode's avatar Ray Strode

Update which monitor the unlock dialog is on when layout changes

Before we were moving the grabs but not the unlock dialog.
Everything needs to be in lock step, otherwise:

1) The unlock dialog won't get focus and will fail to work generally
2) Assumptions in the code about the two being in lock-step will
prove incorrect leading to the grabs getting dropped entirely.

Part of fix for
parent 271ae93d
......@@ -1491,10 +1491,24 @@ on_screen_monitors_changed (GdkScreen *screen,
if (n_monitors > n_windows) {
/* Tear down unlock dialog in case we want to move it
* to a new monitor
l = manager->priv->windows;
while (l != NULL) {
gs_window_cancel_unlock_request (GS_WINDOW (l->data));
l = l->next;
/* add more windows */
for (i = n_windows; i < n_monitors; i++) {
gs_manager_create_window_for_monitor (manager, screen, i);
/* And put unlock dialog up where ever it's supposed to be
gs_manager_request_unlock (manager);
} else {
gdk_x11_grab_server ();
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