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    Work around x errors by asking dialog to die on cancel · 98f8a224
    Chris Coulson authored
    Basically, what is happening is that gnome-screensaver-dialog exits after the
    5th failed attempt at unlocking the screen, but before the shake animation
    finishes. If the timing is slightly unlucky, this results in gnome-screensaver
    accessing X resources that have already been destroyed (I ran it through
    xtrace, and that showed this happening)
    My patch fixes this by making gnome-screensaver-dialog request to
    gnome-screensaver that it be terminated after the 5th failed attempt (rather
    than exitting straight away, although there is a fallback timeout too).
    gnome-screensaver then terminates the dialog after it is finished with the
    shake animation, to avoid the race condition that is currently making it crash.
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