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      Change description: "Integrated LaTeX Environment" -> "LaTeX editor" · efd316e0
      Sébastien Wilmet authored
      There are some stuff that usually an IDE can do but is out of scope for
      LaTeXila, for example support for Git (doing all git operations within
      the IDE).
      There is one thing that LaTeXila can do and is within the scope of an
      IDE (a bit beyond a simple text editor), which is: compiling the
      documents. But that's the only feature IDE-ish, and it is easy *not* to
      use it.
      Well, there is also project management which is IDE-ish, but managing a
      project in LaTeXila is so simple, it is a really small feature (but
      useful). It's not like a programming project like in Eclipse, creating a
      jar etc.
      LaTeXila is still a lightweight application for doing LaTeX, so "LaTeX
      editor" better fits it, and has the advantage that it is shorter.
      The AppData description has been improved as well (and copied in the
      *.doap file).
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      Update application description · de0fae73
      Sébastien Wilmet authored
      The "forward/backward search" is no longer documented this way in the
      GUI and user doc, it is now just "jumping between the .tex file and the
      PDF", which better describes what the feature is about.
      Also, have exactly the same description in the AppData and *.doap file.
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      AppData: fix `make check` · b8344f95
      Sébastien Wilmet authored
      The errors were:
      org.gnome.latexila.appdata.xml: FAILED:
      • tag-missing  : <name> is not present
      • tag-missing  : <summary> is not present
      • style-invalid: Too many <p> tags for a good description [5/4]
      I don't really like merging the two paragraphs. I think when people see
      long paragraphs they don't read them. And translations will need to be
      updated, otherwise the description will be partly in English… Oh well,
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