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Release 3.32.0

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Release 3.32.0, 2019-03-10, “Raging Storm”
* Apply GNOME goal “App menu retirement”:
* Have a much better (and you'll see, familiar :-) ) icon for GNOME LaTeX.
Take advantage of the GNOME goal “App Icon Redesign”:
* Copyright of GNOME LaTeX: 2009-2019, 10 years!!
* What else is new? Ah, yes, I've merged the old Git repository for the first
versions (0.0.1 to 0.2), for historic purposes. If you look at the code, one
thing that you can realize is that there was really a lack of good
documentation for how to write a GTK+ app in C, something that I've now fixed
by writing this guide:
* Translation updates.
Release 3.30.2, 2018-08-05
* Close crowdfunding.
This is the version 3.31.0 of GNOME LaTeX.
This is the version 3.32.0 of GNOME LaTeX.
GNOME LaTeX is a LaTeX editor for the GNOME desktop.
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  • Hello, its nice to see you back here! Thank you very much for the update. I am testing this right now... well, if I manage to compile it...

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