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Hacking file: document differences for functions with a lot of params

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......@@ -37,11 +37,37 @@ For Vala:
- Do not use 'var' for declaring variables, unless the type is very long.
The type of a variable is useful to understand the code, it is a form of
- Functions with a lot of parameters: when exceeding 90 characters, add a
newline + one indentation level (the same for function declarations and
function calls):
function_call (a_long_parameter1, a_long_parameter2, a_long_parameter3,
a_long_parameter4, a_long_parameter5, a_long_parameter6,
a_long_parameter7, a_long_parameter8);
For C:
- Follow the same coding style as GtkSourceView:
- No maximum line length (but short lines are better).
- Function declarations: follow the same style as what the
gcu-lineup-parameters script does, see:
- Function calls with a lot of parameters: one parameter per line, aligned
on the opening parenthesis:
function_call (a_long_parameter1,
In some cases, groups of parameters can be on the same line, when the
parameters are related (typically a string + value). For example with
g_object_new() to set properties:
return g_object_new (NAMESPACE_TYPE_CLASSNAME,
"property1", value1,
"property2", value2,
- Note that the GNU coding style was previously used, all the *.c files
have been converted to the GtkSourceView coding style with the uncrustify
config file (see the scripts/ directory in the GtkSourceView git
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