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The translators are credited in the *.po files, in git it's not easy to
see who contributed code, so for that the AUTHORS file is useful.
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LaTeXila authors
Main author and maintainer
Sébastien Wilmet <>
Code contributions
Matthieu Baerts
Arnaud Blouin
Erwan Bousse
Simon Claessens
Tanguy Ortolo
......@@ -15,32 +19,13 @@ Matias De la Puente
Stéphane Roy
Nathan Samson
Andika Triwidada
Aron Xu
Átila Camurça
Bruno Brouard
Christian Kirbach
Claude Paroz
Daniel Mustieles
Daniel Nylander
Fran Dieguez
Frederik Hahne
Johannes Wilde
Jorge González
Kjartan Maraas
Kristjan SCHMIDT
Marek Černocký
Mario Blättermann
Martin Srebotnjak
Matej Urbančič
Miguel Rodriguez
Piotr Drąg
Rudolfs Mazurs
Vito Fasano
Мирослав Николић
Graphic Design
Éric Forgeot (logo, icon and web site)
Graphic design
Éric Forgeot (logo, icon and first web page)
Ann Melnichuk (a previous icon)
Translators, packagers, bug reporters, ...
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