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Version 3.25.4

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Version 3.25.4
* The way the games collection is built has been completely reworked to
replace the GameSource types generating Game objects from any way of
the implementation's choice by the trio of UriSource, UriGameFactory
and GameCollection. UriSource generate URIs from any way of the
implementation's choice, UriGameFactory generate Game objects from
URIs and GameCollection acting as a glue between the two. This new
flexibility in the creation of the games collection helped to simplify
the way many game types were defined and helped to introduce new game
sources to the collection.
* Game URIs can now be passed as command line arguments, allowing your
game files to be opened with Games from your file manager. The game
will be automatically started by doing so.
* Add a "Add game files" button to the collection view, allowing you to
add game files from the collection view to the collection.
* Game resources passed via the command line or the "Add game files"
button are stored in a database and restored when starting the
application. This allows Games to see your games even if its game
resources detection mechanisms failed.
* Introduction of RetroSimpleType to replace many very similar plugins
by this simple and easier to maintain generic implementation of the
Libretro based game types.
* Supported games:
- Add support for Atari Lynx, MS-DOS, WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color
- Improve the detection of PlayStation discs by parsing them as an
emulator would instead of using lucky guessing the location of the
required information in the disc.
- Don't display desktop games setting the NoDisplay or Hidden keys.
* Gamepad:
- Port the gamepad handling system from Vala to C to avoid using Vala's
preprocessor as it is poorly handled by the autotools, resulting in
broken tarballs.
- Make gamepads send events similar to GdkEvent.
- Replace the custom input types by the Linux event codes.
* UI:
- Use the more appropriate GtkMessageDialog instead of GtkDialog for
most of the existing custom dialogs.
- Refine the look of MediaSelector, using checkmarks to denote the
currently used media.
- Use theme relative colors for the games collection.
- Drop a useless sorting invalidation in CollectionIconView, which
makes the game collection loads a bit faster.
* Improved logging of the Libretro cores by using the Core.log() signal
with the retro_g_log() function which have been introduced in
retro-gtk recently. This will log messages from the Libretro core with
the core's name as the log domain instead of GNOME Games.
* Improve the parameters passed to the grep command to avoid injections.
* Bump retro-gtk to 0.12.
* Bump tracker-sparql to 2.0.
* Bugs fixed:
782952 Using grep in Games do not work with a filename --ignore-case
771631 Use GtkMessageDialog when appropriate
773881 Games takes too long to load the games list
775255 playstation: Add some missing boot offsets
779128 games does not follow global themes
779924 gnome-games crash with SIGSEGV in retro_core_set_callbacks()
780295 Games displays desktop games with NoDisplay=true
780318 gnome-games tarball missing files
780320 Double-clicking on a ROM should launch gnome-games
780714 ui: deprecation warning during cursor creation.
780778 Improve media selector
780920 Plugging more than 2 gamepads orderly will always lead to a segmentation fault.
781036 Licensing cleanup
781334 Untie game resource detection and game object creation
781572 Produced tarballs break the Vala preprocessor
781610 [flatpak] Beetle/Mednafen TurboGrafxCD core cannot find BIOS
781864 utils: Check null values
781886 Assertion 'cookie > 0' failed
782295 GameCollection should completely take care off the collection
782504 retro-gtk: Improve Libretro core logging
782549 Bugs in #781572 porting to C
782611 gamepad: Simplify the gamepad system
782772 retro: Libretro cores should have an appropriate save directory
782824 ui: Allow to add games manually
783067 Games should list Atari Lynx games
783068 Games should list WonderSwan [Color] games
783070 Games should support adding MS-DOS games
783111 plugins: Refactor plugins registering one MIME type per platform
783319 refactor: Expose game IDs and media IDs
783927 Allow more events to be recognized as axes
784334 [flatpak] Incorrect Sega CD firmware checksums in Picodrive description file
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
Version 3.24.0
AC_INIT([gnome-games], [3.24.0])
AC_INIT([gnome-games], [3.25.4])
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([foreign subdir-objects tar-ustar no-dist-gzip dist-xz])
# i18 support
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