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When the size allocation changes, check whether whether the view

isn't scrollable but has more books that could be loaded. If there
are then increase the offset controller's offset to load more.

This works whether the window is large when it opens or the user
expands the window (either by dragging or maximising)

Fixes #20 (copied from gnome-books#7 fix)
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......@@ -776,6 +776,9 @@ const ViewContainer = new Lang.Class({
Lang.bind(this, this._onViewSelectionChanged));
Lang.bind(this, this._onViewTypeChanged));
Lang.bind(this, this._onSizeAllocate));
this._selectionModeAction = overview.getAction('selection-mode');
this._selectionModeAction.connect('notify::state', Lang.bind(this, this._onSelectionModeChanged));
......@@ -811,6 +814,19 @@ const ViewContainer = new Lang.Class({
_onSizeAllocate: function() {
let vadjustment = this.view.get_vadjustment();
let viewHeight = this.view.get_generic_view().get_allocation().height;
let scrollIsAtTop = vadjustment.value == 0;
let scrollMaxIsHeight = vadjustment.upper <= viewHeight;
let hasMoreDocuments = this._offsetController.getRemainingDocs() > 0;
if (scrollIsAtTop && scrollMaxIsHeight && hasMoreDocuments)
_getFirstDocument: function() {
let doc = null;
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