Commit 9c9e27ec authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi

Force Autotools build for libwacom

The hard dependency on librsvg is a bug in the Meson build.
parent 542f4922
Pipeline #98746 passed with stage
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......@@ -287,13 +287,17 @@
{"src": "fd:libevdev",
"config-opts": ["--disable-gcov"]},
{"src": "git:",
"name": "libwacom",
"force-autotools": true,
"patches": ["libwacom-autogen.patch"]},
{"src": "git:",
"name": "libinput",
"component": "minimal",
"config-opts": ["-Ddocumentation=false",
{"src": "fd:xorg/util/makedepend",
"component": "devel"},
......@@ -797,10 +801,6 @@
{"src": "git:",
"name": "libwacom",
"patches": ["libwacom-autogen.patch"]},
{"src": "linuxwacom:xf86-input-wacom.git",
"patches": ["libwacom-autogen.patch"]},
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