Commit 542f4922 authored by Emmanuele Bassi's avatar Emmanuele Bassi

Disable libwacom support in libinput

Libwacom started depending on librsvg, which strings along half of the
dependencies on libinput, which depends on libwacom.
parent 01664670
Pipeline #98744 passed with stage
in 24 seconds
......@@ -287,15 +287,13 @@
{"src": "fd:libevdev",
"config-opts": ["--disable-gcov"]},
{"src": "git:",
"name": "libwacom",
"patches": ["libwacom-autogen.patch"]},
{"src": "git:",
"name": "libinput",
"component": "minimal",
"config-opts": ["-Ddocumentation=false",
{"src": "fd:xorg/util/makedepend",
"component": "devel"},
......@@ -799,6 +797,10 @@
{"src": "git:",
"name": "libwacom",
"patches": ["libwacom-autogen.patch"]},
{"src": "linuxwacom:xf86-input-wacom.git",
"patches": ["libwacom-autogen.patch"]},
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