Port to Tracker 3

Merged Carlos Garnacho requested to merge wip/carlosg/tracker3 into master

Make use of the new api and new data separation. Since GNOME Books stores data (collections and other bits of data), this now goes on a private tracker DB at ~/.cache/org.gnome.Books/db, while the rest of the data is obtained from the filesystem miner. The queries have been reworked to make this possible.

Also, adapt (or remove) the tracker tweaks that are not meant to be accessible in a sandboxed environment (and dubious in the first place), incl.:

  • Access to tracker settings
  • Requests to prioritize document files, this is now constrained to ~/Documents.
  • Indexing progress tracking.

Also update the flatpak definition to use a private tracker-miners 3.x instance if necessary, in the case it is not found in the host.

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