New features:

- Added 2 new activities to learn to give money make in a shop. This
  is based on the money activity but now the children must give back
  money to Tux.
- Now the erase activity reads the .jpg file in its data directory
  instead of being hardcoded. In the erase activity we have a large
  number of animal backgrounds. Now these are found at run time
  instead of being hard coded. Also the user can add its own images in
  the directory ~/My GCompris/erase.
  Added more animal images taken from wikipedia.
- New renewable energy activity. Learn about electric dam, wind farm
  and solar panels works. This is heavily based on the watercycle
- In money activity, we no more auto check the answer, there is now an
  OK button Created 3 price categories in money activtiy to make the
  game more realistic.  As suggested by Arnaud Champollion, it is just
  too easy for the children.
- improved the drawnumber activity to have its dataset taken from a
  file instead of hardcoded.  Now we have a text file named
  activity.txt that contains the images and points coordinate.
  converted .png files in .jpg in drawnumber activity to save disk

Bug Fixes:

- In the submarine activity, we now destroy and reset the frigate
  motion when we enter the help. Not doing so makes the children loose
  the game while reading the manual.
- Added a reset button for the locale in the configuration dialog.
  It is now easier to get back on the default locale.
  Sorted the locales following their english name instead of the
  locale code
- Deadlock occurs if new playback is scheduled from callback. Observed
  with sound-memory activity, while playing 'bonus'. In this fix, the
  sound is player in the gtk idle loop instead of being called
  directly (Fixed by Andreas Fenkart)
- Major random crash fix. In python activity, a call to was freeing the skin object but it should
  not. This resulted in random crashes at any point in GCompris when
  trying to read the skin svg_handle.
- Fixed code to compile with the -Werror=unused-but-set-variable gcc
  new compilation flag.
- Fixed invisible cursor on 64 bits systems. The propoerty struct is
  now properly initialized even on 64 bits systems. Fixed by Peter
- Watercycle activity: Added toolips to explain the different
  items. Fixed a minor race issue. Added a bonus flower feedback in
  watercycle to let the children knows he completed the level. Thanks
  to Clara Coudoin for the feedback, it is great to have close beta
- Added missing image files for money activity.
- Added missing activity files for drawnumber.
- String updates, requested translation for paintings.
  As reported by Friedel Wolff:
- Cleanup, removed unused concept of activity board_dir This concept
  is no more use. Now we use the concept of a global package_data_dir
  found in the properties.

Translations updates:

- Added Montenegrin translation by Montenegro Consulting Company
  <> by Montenegro Consulting Company
- Added Slovenian translation by Matej Urbančič <>
- Much longer word list for Norwegian Nynorsk. by Karl Ove Hufthammer
- New word list for Czech by Marek Černocký by Bruno Coudoin
- Updated Czech translation by Marek Cernocky by Petr Kovar
- Updated Arabic translation by Khaled Hosny <>
- Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation by Frederico Gonçalves
  Guimarães <>
- Updated Czech translation by Marek Černocký <>
- Updated Danish translation by Joe Hansen <>
- Updated Esperanto translation by Kristjan SCHMIDT
- Updated French translation by Claude Paroz <>
- Updated Galician translations by Fran Diéguez
- Updated Galician translations by Gonçalo Cordeiro
- Updated German translation by Christian Kirbach
- Updated Greek translation by Yannis Kaskamanidis
- Updated Hungarian translation by Gabor Kelemen <>
- Updated Norwegian Nynorsk translation (still some missing
  strings). by Karl Ove Hufthammer <>
- Updated Slovenian translation by Andrej Žnidaršič
- Updated Spanish translation by Daniel Mustieles
- Updated Spanish translation by Sylvia Sánchez <>
- Updated Swedish translation by Daniel Nylander
- Updated Swedish translation by Daniel Nylander
- Updated Swedish translation by Daniel Nylander
- Updated Traditional Chinese translation(Hong Kong and Taiwan) by
  Chao-Hsiung Liao <>
- Updated asturian translation by Xandru Armesto
- Updated breton translation by Alan Monfort <>
- Updated translation and added new word list for Afrikaans (af) by
  Friedel Wolff <>
- Updated German translation by Mario Blättermann <>
- Updated Russian translation by Yuri Myasoedov <>
- New translation for Zulu by Priscilla Mahlangu <>