New feature:
- Created a new U.S.A map for our geography activity
- Completed the Windows port.
  Now use the cute GCompris cursor.
  Fixed SDL audio backend

Fixed bugs:
- Fixed geography activities. Many dot where missing,
  hidden by the background.
- Fixed drawn case in the chess activity, it was ending in an
  infinite loop.
- Improved a little bit the layout in the penalty activity.
- Replaced the yellow by white the text color of the score.
- Now the text dialog is centered in the height.
- Added an API entry to get the current cursor. This allow
  the help dialog to get the previous cursor, set the default
  one and change again to the caller one in the end.
- In erase activity, the sponge cursor is setback when
  exiting the pause state. This allow the about box to set the
  default cursor which is more suitable.
- In the menu, the display of the description is now centered.
  Minor change, better layout.
- In python, now import sqlite3 intead of pysqlite2 For
  backyard compatibility, there is a fallback to sill import
- Added a missing background to the simple color activity It is
  based on the artwork of Mathieu Ignacio (from the target
- Fixed algebra activity to report the level properly.
- Better error checking in case the datadase cannot be loaded
  or created.  Before that patch, a failure was exiting the
  startup sequence without warning the user Now, in case we
  cannot load the database of cannot created it we follow the
  - move the database under the name gcompris_db.broken
  - recreate it from scratch
  - we failed again, fallback in no database mode.

- Updated Arabic translation by Khaled Hosny
- Updated Greek translation by Yannis Kaskamanidis
- Updated Greek translation by Yannis Kaskamanidis
- Updated Hungarian translation updated by Gabor Kelemen
- Updated Portuguese Brasilian translation by Frederico Goncalves Guimaraes
- Updated Russian translation by Андрей Черепанов
- Updated Swedish translation by Daniel Nylander