Commit 57cd517e authored by Bruno Coudoin's avatar Bruno Coudoin
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Integrated new gartoon theme by Franck Doucet

	Original theme from Zeus (
	Licence DSL
	Design Science License

	Franck gave us 3 new background images for missingletter, money
	and reading. We are lucky.

	Integrated Basque sounds by Jone de la Cruz Plazaola (GPL)

	Added a shadows in the text of the menu. Need to be well designed
	for each skin.

	enumerate.c: fixed, was crashing at activity startup
parent 519cd37d
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!-- Defines the gcompris colors -->
<color id="gcompris/title" rgba="0X1ECECEFF"/>
<color id="gcompris/text button" rgba="0X1ECECEFF"/>
<color id="gcompris/content" rgba="0X1ECECEFF"/>
<color id="gcompris/subtitle" rgba="0X1ECECEFF"/>
<color id="gcompris/fileselectbg" rgba="0X1ECECEFF"/>
<color id="gcompris/imageselectbg" rgba="0X1ECECEFF"/>
<color id="gcompris/boardselectbg" rgba="0X1ECECEFF"/>
<!-- Defines the main gcompris fonts -->
<font id="gcompris/title" name="sans 20"/>
<font id="gcompris/subtitle" name="sans 16"/>
<font id="gcompris/content" name="sans 12"/>
<font id="gcompris/tiny" name="sans 10"/>
<!-- Defines the gcompris boards fonts -->
<font id="gcompris/board/tiny" name="sans 10"/>
<font id="gcompris/board/small" name="sans 12"/>
<font id="gcompris/board/medium" name="babelfish 18" />
<font id="gcompris/board/big" name="babelfish 22" />
<font id="gcompris/board/big bold" name="sans 17"/>
<font id="gcompris/board/fixed" name="sans 12"/>
<font id="gcompris/board/title" name="sans 20"/>
<font id="gcompris/board/title bold" name="sans 21"/>
<font id="gcompris/board/huge" name="sans 28"/>
<font id="gcompris/board/huge bold" name="sans 29"/>
<!-- Here you may define some other properties that will -->
<!-- affect a particular game. -->
<!-- For example, in futur, the colors of the canal lock game will be -->
<!-- customisable with some lines like: -->
<!-- <color id="canal_lock/canal color" rgba="0x0010FFFF"/>-->
<!-- <color id="canal_lock/lock color" rgba="0x8cc679FF"/>-->
<!-- <color id="canal_lock/lock color h" rgba="0x71A65FFF"/>-->
<!-- <color id="canal_lock/canal lock color" rgba="0xd1cd0cFF"/>-->
<!-- <color id="canal_lock/canal lock color h" rgba="0xf1ed1cFF"/>-->
<!-- <color id="canal_lock/ground color" rgba="0x9b5f5aFF"/>-->
<color id="pythontest/circle in" rgba="0x8080FFFF"/>
<color id="pythontest/circle out" rgba="0xFFFFFFFF"/>
<color id="pythontest/line" rgba="0xFFFF40FF"/>
<color id="erase/rectangle in" rgba="0xfb1f1fCC"/>
<color id="erase/rectangle out" rgba="0X1ECECEFF"/>
<color id="erase/rectangle in2" rgba="0xf8565699"/>
<color id="erase/rectangle out2" rgba="0X0E0E0EFF"/>
<color id="erase/rectangle in3" rgba="0xf49a9a66"/>
<color id="erase/rectangle out3" rgba="0XFFFFFFFF"/>
<color id="maze/wall color" rgba="0x1a1109ff"/>
<color id="menu/text" rgba="0x597ad7FF"/>
<color id="menu/text_shadow" rgba="0xFFFFFFFF"/>
......@@ -51,6 +51,7 @@
<color id="maze/wall color" rgba="0xFF00FFFF"/>
<color id="menu/text" rgba="0xFF00FFFF"/>
<color id="menu/text_shadow" rgba="0xFFFFFFFF"/>
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