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add new mode in memory.c: Play against the computer.

That makes a new board: /boards/memory_tux
parent 9f5ec75b
2005-09-01 Yves Combe <>
add new mode in memory.c: Play against the computer.
That makes a new board: /boards/memory_tux
* boards/
* boards/boardicons/memory_tux.png:
* boards/
* src/boards/memory.c: (get_random_token), (pause_board),
(start_board), (end_board), (memory_next_level),
(memory_destroy_all_items), (get_image), (create_item),
(player_win), (display_card), (hide_card), (item_event),
(add_card_in_tux_memory), (compare_card),
(find_card_in_tux_memory), (remove_card_from_tux_memory),
2005-09-01 Bruno coudoin <>
Fixed to work with the new section management
......@@ -10,7 +26,7 @@
* boards/dataset/tuxpaint_pictures.xml: updated to use our tuxpaint icon
* boards/dataset/mrpatate.xml: removed, replaced by mrpotato.xml
2005-08-30 Yves Combe,,, <set EMAIL_ADDRESS environment variable>
2005-08-30 Yves Combe <>
change colors letters in memory.
clean code and add trace in reading (strange crash).
......@@ -63,6 +63,7 @@ xml_in_files = \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
author="Yves Combe ("
<_title>Memory Game with images, against Tux</_title>
<_description>Play to memory against Tux.</_description>
<_prerequisite>Mouse manipulation, Brain.</_prerequisite>
<_goal>Train your memory and remove all the cards</_goal>
<_manual>A set of blank cards is shown. Each pair is
associated by the same picture in their hidden faces. Click on a
card to can uncover it and see its hidden picture. However, you
can only see two hidden pictures at once. You have to remember the
position of the pictures to associate them. To remove a pair of cards,
uncover both of them. You play alternatively with Tux, and must take more pairs of cards than him.</_manual>
<Data directory=""/>
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