Commit 2c77c9ce authored by Yves Combe's avatar Yves Combe
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Fix stupid inversion bug in tuxpaint configuration.

parent 73e37f51
2005-08-15 Yves Combe <>
Fix stupid inversion bug in tuxpaint configuration.
* src/boards/python/
2005-08-14 Yves Combe <>
pass configuartion sample into pythontest
......@@ -173,10 +173,10 @@ class Gcompris_tuxpaint:
stamps.connect("toggled", self.stamps_changed)
self.stamps_control = gcompris.boolean_box('Disable stamps control', 'disable_stamps_control', self.configuration('disable_stamps_control'))
self.stamps_control.set_sensitive(not self.configuration('disable_stamps'))
def stamps_changed(self, button):
self.stamps_control.set_sensitive(not button.get_active())
def apply_callback(self,table):
print table
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