Commit 0a90a1a1 authored by Yves Combe's avatar Yves Combe
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fix locales combo init in pythontest

parent dbcd2542
2005-08-17 Yves Combe,,, <>
fix locales combo init in pythontest
* src/boards/python/
2005-08-17 Yves Combe <>
add gcompris.gcompris_gettext method to call C gettext from python. python gettext does not accept reread it's translation file if environnemnt's LC_MESSAGE is set to a not registered locale. Seems works, but needs more check.
......@@ -404,7 +404,7 @@ class Gcompris_pythontest:
print gcompris.get_locales_list()
gcompris.combo_locales('locale', 'fr')
gcompris.combo_locales('locale', self.init_conf_str('locale', 'fr'))
# Get value from config_dict or value passed
def init_conf(self, key, value):
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