Commit 92ab370c authored by Guillaume Desmottes's avatar Guillaume Desmottes Committed by Xavier Claessens
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accounts-dialog: invoke the UOA panel if needed
parent 1a3c57d2
......@@ -2595,6 +2595,92 @@ empathy_accounts_dialog_show (GtkWindow *parent,
return GTK_WIDGET (dialog);
#ifdef HAVE_UOA
typedef struct
TpAccount *account;
gboolean if_needed;
} LaunchUOACtx;
static LaunchUOACtx *
launch_uoa_ctx_new (TpAccount *account,
gboolean if_needed)
LaunchUOACtx *ctx;
ctx = g_slice_new0 (LaunchUOACtx);
if (account != NULL)
ctx->account = g_object_ref (account);
ctx->if_needed = if_needed;
return ctx;
static void
launch_uoa_ctx_free (LaunchUOACtx *ctx)
g_clear_object (&ctx->account);
g_slice_free (LaunchUOACtx, ctx);
static void
am_prepare_cb (GObject *source,
GAsyncResult *result,
gpointer user_data)
TpAccountManager *manager = TP_ACCOUNT_MANAGER (source);
GError *error = NULL;
LaunchUOACtx *ctx = user_data;
gchar *args = NULL;
if (!tp_proxy_prepare_finish (manager, result, &error))
DEBUG ("Failed to prepare account manager: %s", error->message);
g_error_free (error);
goto out;
if (ctx->if_needed && empathy_accounts_has_non_salut_accounts (manager))
goto out;
if (ctx->account != NULL)
const GValue *value;
value = tp_account_get_storage_identifier (ctx->account);
if (G_VALUE_HOLDS_UINT (value))
args = g_strdup_printf ("account-details=%u", g_value_get_uint (value));
empathy_launch_external_app ("gnome-credentials-panel.desktop", args, NULL);
g_free (args);
launch_uoa_ctx_free (ctx);
static void
launch_uoa_panel (TpAccount *selected_account,
gboolean if_needed,
gboolean hidden)
TpAccountManager *manager;
if (hidden)
/* Nothing to do */
manager = tp_account_manager_dup ();
tp_proxy_prepare_async (manager, NULL, am_prepare_cb,
launch_uoa_ctx_new (selected_account, if_needed));
g_object_unref (manager);
#else /* HAVE_UOA */
static void
launch_empathy_accounts (TpAccount *selected_account,
gboolean if_needed,
......@@ -2625,6 +2711,7 @@ launch_empathy_accounts (TpAccount *selected_account,
g_string_free (args, TRUE);
#endif /* HAVE_UOA */
empathy_accounts_dialog_show_application (GdkScreen *screen,
......@@ -2632,7 +2719,11 @@ empathy_accounts_dialog_show_application (GdkScreen *screen,
gboolean if_needed,
gboolean hidden)
#ifdef HAVE_UOA
launch_uoa_panel (selected_account, if_needed, hidden);
launch_empathy_accounts (selected_account, if_needed, hidden);
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