Commit 6bace22f authored by Allison Karlitskaya's avatar Allison Karlitskaya Committed by Guillaume Desmottes
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Fix escaping of text in empathy log window

We insert text into the log window by using a javascript expression,
with the text to insert quoted with single quotes.

Ensure that we apply the correct escaping so that backslashes and quote
characters are taken literally.
parent e23e2b83
......@@ -358,7 +358,9 @@ insert_or_change_row (EmpathyLogWindow *self,
char *str = gtk_tree_path_to_string (path);
char *script, *text, *date, *stock_icon;
GString *escaped_text;
char *icon = NULL;
gint i;
gtk_tree_model_get (model, iter,
......@@ -379,16 +381,34 @@ insert_or_change_row (EmpathyLogWindow *self,
gtk_icon_info_free (icon_info);
escaped_text = g_string_new (NULL);
/* Only need to deal with «'» and «\».
* Note that these never appear in non-ascii utf8 characters, so just
* pretend like we have an ascii string...
for (i = 0; text && text[i]; i++)
gchar c = text[i];
if (c == '\'' || c == '\\')
g_string_append_c (escaped_text, '\\');
g_string_append_c (escaped_text, c);
script = g_strdup_printf ("javascript:%s([%s], '%s', '%s', '%s');",
g_strdelimit (str, ":", ','),
icon != NULL ? icon : "",
webkit_web_view_execute_script (WEBKIT_WEB_VIEW (self->priv->webview),
g_string_free (escaped_text, TRUE);
g_free (str);
g_free (text);
g_free (date);
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