Commit 138ea339 authored by Eugen Dedu's avatar Eugen Dedu

[windows] Fix major bug where the uninstaller removes non-Ekiga files

This case appeared when Ekiga is installed in a non-empty directory,
because the uninstaller removes the whole install directory, hence
other files too.

The simplest solution I found is that if the installation directory is
not empty (such as MyDocs), then it is installed into an empty
sub-directory.  Thus, even when the uninstall removes the whole
sub-directory, there is no problem.
parent 2bf68027
......@@ -284,6 +284,15 @@ SectionEnd ; end of GTK+ section
SectionIn 1 RO
IfFileExists $INSTDIR 0 dirok
; if install directory already exists, install in Ekiga sub-directory instead
; (this is needed upon uninstallation, since the whole install dir is removed)
; if this sub-directory exists too, then abort the installation
IfFileExists $INSTDIR 0 dirok
abort "Error: $INSTDIR already exists. Please restart the setup and specify another installation directory"
; Check install rights..
Call CheckUserInstallRights
Pop $R0
......@@ -430,12 +439,7 @@ Section Uninstall
; Remove Language preference info
RMDir "$INSTDIR\pixmaps"
RMDir "$INSTDIR\ekiga"
RMDir "$INSTDIR\sounds"
RMDir "$INSTDIR\locale"
; this is safe, since Ekiga was installed in an empty directory
SetShellVarContext "all"
......@@ -445,12 +449,6 @@ Section Uninstall
Delete "$DESKTOP\Ekiga.lnk"
SetShellVarContext "current"
;Try to remove Ekiga install dir .. if empty
; Shortcuts..
RMDir /r "$SMPROGRAMS\Ekiga"
Delete "$DESKTOP\Ekiga.lnk"
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