Commit e604a245 authored by Robert Bragg's avatar Robert Bragg
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Release 1.7.0 (snapshot)

parent be23f311
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ AC_PREREQ(2.59)
dnl ================================================================
dnl XXX: If you are making a release then you need to check these
dnl sections:
dnl » API versions
dnl » API versions (Only the 1.x version needs to change)
dnl (the pretty numbers that the users see)
dnl » Interface version details for libtool
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ m4_define([cogl_version],
dnl Since the core Cogl library has to also maintain support for the
dnl Cogl 1.x API for Clutter then we track the 1.x version separately.
m4_define([cogl_1_minor_version], [6])
m4_define([cogl_1_minor_version], [7])
m4_define([cogl_1_micro_version], [0])
m4_define([cogl_1_version], [1.cogl_1_minor_version.cogl_1_micro_version])
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ dnl ================================================================
# libtool version info we don't automatically derive this from the
# pretty version number because we want to test the results of
# updating the version number in advance of a release.
m4_define([cogl_release_status], [git])
m4_define([cogl_release_status], [snapshot])
dnl ================================================================
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