Commit bfd01bb5 authored by Og B. Maciel's avatar Og B. Maciel

Fixes preferences dialog crashing when running without gconf schema installed.

svn path=/trunk/; revision=691
parent 5389dd06
2009-01-30 Og Maciel <>
* src/gui/ Handle missing gconf data when not installed.
2009-01-25 Og Maciel <>
* src/gui/widgets/ Started work to handle bullets with multiple
......@@ -189,11 +189,15 @@ class PrefDialog(gtk.Dialog):
self.notifySpinButton.set_value(self.gconf_client.get_int(GCONF_ALARM_PATH + 'notification_days_limit'))
# Number of days before showing alarm
adays = self.gconf_client.get_int(GCONF_ALARM_PATH + 'notification_days_limit')
self.notifySpinButton.set_value(adays and adays or 3)
self.alertSpinButton.set_value(self.gconf_client.get_int(GCONF_ALARM_PATH + 'show_alarm_before_days'))
atime = self.gconf_client.get_string(GCONF_ALARM_PATH + 'show_alarm_at_time')
atime = atime.split(":")
# Don't crash if running uninstalled and no gconf data
atime = atime and atime.split(":") or ['13', '00']
self.notificationTime.setHourMinute(atime[0], atime[1])
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