Commit 6e4286c0 authored by Og B. Maciel's avatar Og B. Maciel

Changed Record to Bill to be consistent with nomenclature (Fixes Bug: 554228).

svn path=/trunk/; revision=660
parent cd37df3a
2008-09-28 Og Maciel <>
* src/gui/widgets/ More keyboard shortcuts added, such as zoom in/out.
* src/, src/gui/widgets/, src/gui/, src/lib/
Changed "Record" to "Bill" to be consistent with nomenclature (Fixes Bug: 554228).
2008-09-27 Og Maciel <>
......@@ -10,7 +12,7 @@
* src/lib/ Handle null values, returning a zero where needed. Fixes Bug #551953.
* src/gui/widgets/ Added new timeline widget.
* data/ Make sure that gconf is run (if available) and register schema.
Partially fixes Bug #553694.
Partially fixes Bug #553694.
2008-09-26 Og Maciel <>
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ def main():
parser.set_usage(_("Usage: billreminder [OPTIONS...]"))
parser.add_option('-v','--version', action='store_true', dest='app_version', default=False, help=_('Displays the version number for this application.'))
parser.add_option('--about', action='store_true', dest='app_about', default=False, help=_('About this application.'))
parser.add_option('--add', action='store_true', dest='app_add', default=False, help=_('Adds a new record to the database.'))
parser.add_option('--add', action='store_true', dest='app_add', default=False, help=_('Adds a new bill to the database.'))
parser.add_option('--standalone', action='store_true', dest='app_standalone', default=False, help=_('Access database directly, without daemon.'))
# Verify arguments
......@@ -311,11 +311,11 @@ class MainDialog:
def _populate_toolbar(self):
self.btnNew = self.toolbar.add_button(gtk.STOCK_NEW,
_("New"), _("Add a new record"), self.on_btnNew_clicked)
_("New"), _("Add a new bill"), self.on_btnNew_clicked)
self.btnEdit = self.toolbar.add_button(gtk.STOCK_EDIT,
None, _("Edit a record"), self.on_btnEdit_clicked)
None, _("Edit a bill"), self.on_btnEdit_clicked)
self.btnRemove = self.toolbar.add_button(gtk.STOCK_DELETE,
None, _("Delete selected record"), self.on_btnDelete_clicked)
None, _("Delete selected bill"), self.on_btnDelete_clicked)
self.btnPaid = self.toolbar.add_button(gtk.STOCK_APPLY,
_("Paid"), _("Mark as paid"), self.on_btnPaid_clicked)
......@@ -347,9 +347,9 @@ class MainDialog:
# Create actions
('File', None, _("_File")),
('New', gtk.STOCK_NEW, _("_Add New"), '<Control>n', _("Add a new record"), self.on_btnNew_clicked),
('Edit', gtk.STOCK_EDIT, None, '<Control>e', _("Edit a record"), self.on_btnEdit_clicked),
('Delete', gtk.STOCK_DELETE, None, '<Control>d', _("Delete selected record"), self.on_btnDelete_clicked),
('New', gtk.STOCK_NEW, _("_Add New"), '<Control>n', _("Add a new bill"), self.on_btnNew_clicked),
('Edit', gtk.STOCK_EDIT, None, '<Control>e', _("Edit a bill"), self.on_btnEdit_clicked),
('Delete', gtk.STOCK_DELETE, None, '<Control>d', _("Delete selected bill"), self.on_btnDelete_clicked),
('EditMenu', None, _("_Edit")),
('Paid', gtk.STOCK_APPLY, _("_Paid"), '<Control>p', _("Mark as paid"), self.on_btnPaid_clicked),
('NotPaid', gtk.STOCK_UNDO, _("_Not Paid"), '<Control>u', _("Mark as not paid"), self.on_btnPaid_clicked),
......@@ -371,9 +371,9 @@ class MainDialog:
('NotPaidRecords', None, _("_Not Paid Only"), None, _("Display all unpaid records only"), 0),
('PaidRecords', None, _("_Paid Only"), None, _("Display all paid records only"), 1),
('AllRecords', None, _("_All Records"), None, _("Display all records"), 2),
('NotPaidRecords', None, _("_Not Paid Only"), None, _("Display all unpaid bills only"), 0),
('PaidRecords', None, _("_Paid Only"), None, _("Display all paid bills only"), 1),
('AllRecords', None, _("_All Bills"), None, _("Display all bills"), 2),
], saved_view , self._change_view)
# Add the actiongroup to the uimanager
......@@ -613,23 +613,23 @@ class MainDialog:
self.gconf_client.set_bool(GCONF_GUI_PATH + "show_toolbar", False)
def on_terms_changed(self, widget, text):
self.search_text = text
def on_filtered_model_visible_cb(self, model, iter):
if self.search_text == "":
return True
t = False
for col in SEARCH_COLUMNS:
x = model.get_value(iter, col)
if x and self.search_text in x:
t = True
return t
def main():
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ class Statusbar(gtk.HBox):
self.recordLabel = gtk.Label()
self.recordLabel.set_markup("<b>%s </b>" % _("Records:"))
self.recordLabel.set_markup("<b>%s </b>" % _("Bills:"))
self.pack_start(self.recordLabel, expand=False, fill=True, padding=2)
self.recordCount = gtk.Label()
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ def categories_dialog(parent=None):
def add_dialog(parent=None, selectedDate=None):
record = None
# Dialog Title
dialog = AddDialog(title=_("Add a New Record"), parent=parent, record=record, selectedDate=selectedDate)
dialog = AddDialog(title=_("Add a new bill"), parent=parent, record=record, selectedDate=selectedDate)
response =
# Checks if the user did not cancel the action
if response == gtk.RESPONSE_ACCEPT:
......@@ -59,7 +59,7 @@ def add_dialog(parent=None, selectedDate=None):
def edit_dialog(record, parent=None):
# Dialog Title
dialog = AddDialog(title=_("Edit a Record"), parent=parent, record=record)
dialog = AddDialog(title=_("Edit a bill"), parent=parent, record=record)
response =
# Checks if the user did not cancel the action
if response == gtk.RESPONSE_ACCEPT:
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