1. 08 Oct, 2013 1 commit
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      build: refactoring to remove dupe $DLL_MAP_VERIFIER_ASSEMBLY target · 8ec0bc42
      Andrés G. Aragoneses authored
      After the fix for bgo#691696 landed, the target $DLL_MAP_VERIFIER_ASSEMBLY
      is defined in two places. This commits avoids this, by making the Makefile
      from the build/ dir include the generic build.rules.mk like other Makefiles
      in the build already do.
      The only change in this commit that seems to not be related is the move of
      the 'if ENABLE_TESTS' block. The reason for it was to avoid this build
      failure which would happen if it's not moved:
        Running automake --gnu --add-missing --force --copy -Wno-portability -Wno-portability ...
        build/build.rules.mk:11: LINK must be set with `=' before using `+='
      No change of behaviour in this commit.
  2. 05 Nov, 2007 1 commit