1. 20 Mar, 2006 1 commit
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      Sensitize/desensitize audio cd rows based on their rip state · 4045c599
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2006-03-20  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@abock.org>
          * src/PlaylistView.cs: Sensitize/desensitize audio cd rows based on
          their rip state
          * src/Banshee.Base/AudioCdRipper.cs: Update newly ripped track with
          its ripped URI so it can be played while the rest of the disk is
          * src/Banshee.Base/Library.cs: Removed unused function
          * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngineCore.cs: Do not attempt to play track
          if it is explicitly marked as being unable to play; reversed order of
          Reset/Close in Close wrapper
          * src/Banshee.Base/TrackInfo.cs: Mark CanPlay as virtual
          * src/Banshee.Base/TrackInfoHeader.cs (SetIdle): Hide the box
          * src/Banshee.Base/AudioCd/AudioCdDisk.cs: Added an IsRipping property
          * src/Banshee.Base/AudioCd/AudioCdTrackInfo.cs: Added Disk, IsRipped, and
          CanPlay properties
          * src/Banshee.Base/Sources/AudioCdSource.cs: If current playing track
          in the engine is from the CD, shut down the engine; set disk.IsRipping
          * src/Banshee.Base/Sources/LibrarySource.cs: Removed old cruft
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Helix/HelixRemotePlayerEngine.cs: Updated
          to reflect minor changes in the Buffering API in PlayerEngine
          * src/Banshee.Plugins/NotificationAreaIcon/NotificationAreaIconPlugin.cs:
          Guard against a potential nullref
  2. 16 Mar, 2006 1 commit
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      Updated MonoDevelop project · 6cd52942
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2006-03-16  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@abock.org>
          * banshee.mdp: Updated MonoDevelop project
          * configure.ac: Remove AM_GST_ELEMENT_CHECK calls and check for
          elements against the proper gst-inspect manually; AM_GST_ELEMENT_CHECK
          is not versioned and as a result, 0.10 checks were actually made against
          the 0.8 version of gst-inspect
          * data/banshee.glade: Removed the positon label and seek slider
          * libbanshee/gst-playback-0.10.c: Added buffering support and stream
          seekability detection
          * src/PlayerInterface.cs: Use new SeekSlider and StreamPositionLabel
          widgets; updated old stuff to use new stuff; handle the Buffering event
          and display the buffering progress in StreamPositionLabel
          * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngineCore.cs: Added CanSeek proxy property
          * src/Banshee.Base/MediaEngine/PlayerEngine.cs: Buffering should be
          an event, not a state; reworked signatures to account for this
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Gstreamer/GstPlayerEngine.cs: Wrap the new
          buffering and stream seek detection in the engine implementation
          * src/Banshee.Widgets/LinearProgress.cs: Use the shared ColorBlend in
          * src/Banshee.Widgets/Makefile.am: Added SeekSlider.cs,
          StreamPositionLabel.cs, and DrawingUtilities.cs:
          * src/Banshee.Widgets/SeekSlider.cs: Custom Gtk.Scale that is well
          adapted to seeking in streams
          * src/Banshee.Widgets/StreamPositionLabel.cs: Custom Label that draws
          a buffering progress bar under the position label when buffering, and
          updates automatically based off SeekSlider events
          * src/Banshee.Widgets/DrawingUtilities.cs: Added static class that
          contains the ColorBlend method; shared between a few widgets
  3. 13 Mar, 2006 2 commits
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      Updated MonoDevelop project · 9d0839e5
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2006-03-13  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@abock.org>
          * banshee.mdp: Updated MonoDevelop project
          * src/banshee.in: Removed HELIX_LIBS; handled by helix-dbus-server
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Helix/HelixRemotePlayer.cs: Added process
          activation support to automatically run helix-dbus-server if not
          found over dbus already
          * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngineCore.cs: Do not die if a PlayerEngine
          could not be instantiated; report an error and continue
          Patches by Sebastian Dröge:
          * src/Banshee.Plugins/Audioscrobbler/Engine.cs: Ports the audioscrobbler
          plugin to the new PlayerEngine API. Seeking is now recognized correctly
          and pausing in a big track doesn't submit it twice anymore.
          * src/Banshee.Base/Sources/LibrarySource.cs: fix double import
          bug for the first track imported in an empty library
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      Removed Helix/RealPlayer detection; detect helix-dbus-server if · ce991ac5
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2006-03-12  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@abock.org>
          * configure.ac: Removed Helix/RealPlayer detection; detect
          helix-dbus-server if --enable-helix
          * data/banshee.glade: Removed the engine description text box
          * src/Preferences.cs: Removed engine description
          * PlayerEngineCore.cs: Added a log entry to show selected engine
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Helix/: Removed C# bindings to Helix/hxclientkit;
          helix support has been moved out of process to helix-dbus-server
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Helix/HelixRemotePlayer.cs: DBus client object
          to the new helix-dbus-server program
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Helix/HelixRemotePlayerEngine.cs: PlayerEngine
          implementation of HelixRemotePlayer; Helix support is out of process
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Vlc/VlcPlayerEngine.cs: New VLC implementation
          of PlayerEngine; no more IPlayerEngines!
          * src/Banshee.Base/IPlayerEngine.cs: Removed
          * src/Banshee.Base/Makefile.am: Removed IPlayerEngine.cs
  4. 10 Mar, 2006 2 commits
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      Updated MonoDevelop project · 6b414986
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2006-03-10  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@abock.org>
          * banshee.mdb: Updated MonoDevelop project
          * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngineCore.cs: first pass at dynamic
          engine switching
          * src/Banshee.Base/Dap/Dap.cs: Added CanSynchronize
          * src/Banshee.Base/MediaEngine/PlayerEngine.cs: Added SetProperty method
          * src/Banshee.Dap/MassStorage/MassStorageDap.cs: Renamed IsSynchronizable
          to CanSynchronize; commented out some 'broke the build' stuff until
          gabaug can discuss
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Gstreamer/GstPlayerEngine.cs: Added
          SetProperty method to set GObject properties on the underlying playbin
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Helix/HelixPlayer.cs: Port of Helix backend
          from IPlayerEngine to PlayerEngine
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      Replacement for IPlayerEngine; base class that offers common functionality · 9aeaccfb
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2006-03-09  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@abock.org>
          * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngine.cs: Replacement for IPlayerEngine; base
          class that offers common functionality between all engines; new
          event/message system that is more verbose than old system... allows for
          metadata extraction from streams and buffering
          * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngineCore.cs: Proxy and wrapper for PlayerEngine
          that handles all loading of PlayerEngine types and switching out of
          engines at runtime
          * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngineLoader.cs: Removed, deprecated, etc...
          PlayerEngineCore now loads and instantiates engines from assemblies
          * src/PlayerInterface.cs: User interface is completely passive regarding
          interaction with PlayerEngineCore; UI updates only after getting events
          and messages from PlayerEngineCore; plugins now have the exact same
          functionality regarding playback that the UI has traditionally had
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Gstreamer/GstPlayerEngine.cs: Reworked to
          implement new PlayerEngine base class; implementation is now much
          simpler (for 0.10 and 0.8 engines)
          * src/Banshee.Base/UnknownTrackInfo.cs: A placeholder TrackInfo class
          that is used to create a container for loading plain URIs; eventually
          metadata will be filled in if it's found in the stream itself
          * src/Banshee.Base/Gui/OpenLocationDialog.cs: Glade Dialog implementation
          for open URI functionality
          * src/Banshee.Base/Makefile.am: Added UnknownTrackInfo.cs,
          Gui/OpenLocationDialog.cs and MediaEngine/PlayerEngine.cs
          * src/Banshee.Base/ActionManager.cs: Added OpenLocationAction
          * src/NotificationAreaIcon.cs:
          * src/PlaylistModel.cs:
          * src/PlaylistView.cs:
          * src/RemotePlayer.cs:
          * src/Preferences.cs:
          * src/Banshee.Plugins/Audioscrobbler/Engine.cs:
          * src/TrackProperties.cs: Updated to reflect changes in PlayerEngineCore
  5. 13 Feb, 2006 1 commit
  6. 17 Jan, 2006 1 commit
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      Bumped version to 0.10.4 · 64647bea
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2006-01-17  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@aaronbock.net>
          * configure.ac: Bumped version to 0.10.4
          * NEWS: Updated with the 0.10.4 release notes
          * docs/*: Updated Monodoc API documentation
          * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngineCore.cs: Removed some debug
          Console.WriteLine calls
  7. 14 Jan, 2006 1 commit
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      Request engine change before playing a song based on file extension; this · a0a208d8
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2006-01-13  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@aaronbock.net>
          * src/PlayerInterface.cs: Request engine change before playing a song
          based on file extension; this will be used for falling back on GStreamer
          for some formats when using Helix as the primary engine
          * src/Preferences.cs: A restart is no longer needed to change the
          primary playback engine
          * src/Banshee.Base/IPlayerEngine.cs: Added SupportedExtensions property
          * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngineCore.cs: Allow switching engines from
          anything other than the primary based on file extension
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Gstreamer/GstPlayerEngine.cs: claim to support
          WMA in SupportedExtensions as Helix/RP can't (better chance of it working
          in GStreamer than in Helix)
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Vlc/VlcPlayerEngine.cs:
          * src/Banshee.MediaEngine/Helix/HelixPlayer.cs: Implement
          SupportedExtensions, but return null
  8. 22 Dec, 2005 1 commit
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      Remove all IPlayerEngine code as it is now in Banshee.Base · 3140d33b
      Aaron Bockover authored
      2005-12-21  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@aaronbock.net>
          * src/Core.cs: Remove all IPlayerEngine code as it is now in Banshee.Base
          * src/DBusIPC.cs:
          * src/PlayerInterface.cs:
          * src/PlaylistModel.cs:
          * src/Preferences.cs: Fix references from Core.Instance.Player to
          * src/Banshee.Base/Makefile.am: Added PlayerEngineCore.cs
          * src/Banshee.Base/PlayerEngineCore.cs: Moved all IPlayerEngine code to
          new static class accessible to plugins