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WELCOME TO BANSHEE 1.3.0 - Released September 11, 2008
WELCOME TO BANSHEE 1.3.1 - Released September 22, 2008
* Banshee is a multimedia management and playback application for GNOME.
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ WELCOME TO BANSHEE 1.3.0 - Released September 11, 2008
experience automatic cover art fetching as you listen; and easily browse,
search, and control your media collection."
* Learn More:
* Learn More:
* UNSTABLE RELEASE: This release is from the 1.3.x development series, and
works towards a future 1.4.0 stable release. Certain features may be
......@@ -21,56 +21,32 @@ WELCOME TO BANSHEE 1.3.0 - Released September 11, 2008
Banshee 1.3.0 is the first release in the new development series leading
Banshee 1.3.1 is the second release in the new development series leading
up to a future 1.4.0 stable release.
Major new features for this release:
Notable new features:
* Vastly improved portable media player support:
- Real media player synchronization is now supported, along with the
classic ability to manually manage portable media players
- Playlists and Smart Playlists can now be saved to media players
- Cover art now syncs to USB mass storage devices
* Freshly revamped track metadata editor
* Library rescanning - Banshee can now detect newly added, removed,
and relocated files and update its collection
* Break the columns context menu into multiple columns
* Option to rename files and folders when metadata changes
* Collection indexer service and DBus API - allows third party
applications like GNOME Do, Beagle, and Tangerine to create their
own queryable indexes of Banshee's collection, or query Banshee's
collection in real time
* Flat-file playlists can now be opened from the command line/nautilus
* Podcasting improvements
* New flashy Now Playing UI for displaying cover art
* ReplayGain support
* Improved album and podcast browser speed
* Offline mode - control whether Banshee is able to access the Web
for extra metadata and other features
* Banshee will now ask if it should be the default media player
* Support for BPM, Grouping, BitRate, Conductor, DiscCount, and
IsCompilation reading, writing, columns, and searching.
* Column widths should be much more reasonable
- Sensible width ranges set for time, dates, year, etc
- Some shorter labels used in column headers
Notable bug fixes:
* Drag and Drop to Nautilus works again (BGO #535128)
* Improved support for dark themes (BGO #544840)
* Improved ASX support (BGO #545646)
* Fix performance bug with loading USB Mass Storage DAPs (BGO #548254)
* Fix bug with the DAP usage bar being filtered (BGO #537366)
* Fix performance issue with album and podcast browsers (BGO #547628)
* Fix lots of threading/freezing issues
* Fix lots of avoidable crashes
* 64 bugs were closed since 1.2.1
* Remember sorting per source (BGO #524656)
* Audio CD crasher (BGO #)
* Dialogs' translation domain properly set (BGO #536268)
* Fix recent regression where the ListView scrolled to the
top when you switched sources.
* Allow shrinking selections with shift-click (BGO #535561)
* Fix issue with it taking two clicks on the notification icon to
get the main window visible, if Banshee was minimized (BGO #551916)
* Don't give UI indication that the track list is sortable unless
it really is (BGO #551969)
* 42 bugs were closed since 1.3.0
......@@ -80,9 +56,9 @@ SOURCES / PACKAGES
* Banshee 1.3.0 Tarballs:
* Banshee 1.3.1 Tarballs:
......@@ -95,8 +71,8 @@ Packages
ChangeLogs & Checksums
If you encounter any bad behavior with this release, please do not
hesitate to file bugs!
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