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Version 0.10.2

2005-12-22  Aaron Bockover  <>

    * Version 0.10.2

    * NEWS: Updated with 0.10.2 release notes
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2005-12-22 Aaron Bockover <>
* Version 0.10.2
* NEWS: Updated with 0.10.2 release notes
2005-12-21 Aaron Bockover <>
* src/Banshee.Plugins/Audioscrobbler/AudioscrobblerPlugin.cs: Plugin class
Banshee 0.10
Banshee 0.10.2 is out!
See the Banshee Wiki for release information and other details:
This release adds NJB support, Audioscrobbler support, Audio CD progress/status
reporting for fetching metadata and cover art, a local file source, better
D-Bus handling, minor UI changes, and many bugfixes.
Please do not hesitate to file bugs against Banshee in GNOME Bugzilla
(, component: banshee), or discuss Banshee on
this list or in #banshee on The Banshee Wiki, open to
everyone for viewing and editing is located at
# NJB Support [1].
# Much better menus: reflect current context along with buttons and context
menus thanks to the move to GtkUIManager/GtkAction
# Redesigned metadata header to display title with emphasis, artist, and album.
# First version of basic generic plugin support [2].
# Added Chris Toshok's Audioscrobbler plugin [3].
# NetworkManager support: if NetworkManager is available, it can be used to
notify parts of Banshee when a connection is available
# New status reporting for fetching Audio CD metadata. Will alert user when
metadata cannot be found, if server could not be contacted, or if no connection
is available, with the option to manually refresh. Will automatically refresh
if NetworkManager is available.
# More command line options, specifically the --enqueue option that allows
local files to be played without importing them. The desktop file was updated
to exec: banshee --play --enqueue %U.
# Better D-Bus handling. Banshee should not exit or fail to start if the D-Bus
session (or system) bus is not available.
[1] For NJB support, libnjb ( and njb-sharp
( must be installed.
njb-sharp 0.2.1 was released.
[2] Plugin assemblies can now be created by linking against Banshee.Base.dll
and implementing the Banshee.Plugins.Plugin abstract class. Plugin assemblies
can be placed in either $(pkglibdir)/banshee/Banshee.Plugins/
or ~/.gnome2/banshee/plugins/
[3] The Audioscrobbler plugin is experimental and is disabled by default.
To enable and configure it, run these three commands:
$ gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/Banshee/Audioscrobbler/Enabled true
$ gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/Banshee/Audioscrobbler/Username <username>
$ gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/Banshee/Audioscrobbler/Password < password in plaintext>
The password must be provided in plaintext, so make sure your password
is not very sensitive, or do not enable this. See Chris Toshok's blog entry
for details:
# Banshee will now run if any bus in D-Bus (session/system) is unavailable,
though features may be disabled (BGO #323766)
# Update .desktop Comment to Adhere to HIG (Gabriel Burt) (BGO #324247)
# "banshee --query-artist" let banshee crash (BGO #324354)
# Tray icon crash due to bug exposed by Mono 1.1.11 (BGO #324394)
Release Overview Page:
Banshee 0.10.2 Tarball:
njb-sharp 0.2.1 Tarball:
ipod-sharp 0.5.12 Tarball:
libipoddevice 0.3.5 Tarball:
Banshee Wiki:
- Mono 1.1.10 and full stack
- gtk-sharp-2.0 (2.3.92)
- sqlite3
- GStreamer 0.8.11 or GStreamer 0.10 (experimental)
- libmusicbrainz 2.1.1 or better
- libnautilus-burn 2.12
- GTK+ 2.6 or better
- HAL 0.5.2 or better
# Bindings to the VLC libraries have been implemented and are available
as a Banshee Media Engine. To use the VLC engine, pass --enable-vlc to
configure. Additionally, must be copied to
banshee/mediaengines/vlc before running "make install". To build, download and build Jon Lech Johansen's snd123:
Copy the resulting to the aforementioned build directory, and
proceed with building Banshee as normal. Keep in mind, VLC support is
optional. Banshee also supports GStreamer and Helix engines. GStreamer
is required, and Helix is optional, but will be automatically detected
and configured if your system is set up properly with either RealPlayer
or Helix Player. See
......@@ -5,7 +5,7 @@ AM_CONFIG_HEADER(config.h)
......@@ -154,7 +154,7 @@ if test "x$enable_ipodsharp" = "xyes"; then
AM_CONDITIONAL(ENABLE_IPOD, test "x$enable_ipodsharp" = "xyes")
njb-sharp >= $NJBSHARP_REQUIRED,
enable_njbsharp="$enable_njbsharp", enable_njbsharp=no)
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