Commit 4457b0b3 authored by Timo Dörr's avatar Timo Dörr Committed by Bertrand Lorentz

OSX: Make bootstrap-bundle write env vars into .csproj (bgo#682094)

When running the ./bootstrap-bundle script and the profile is darwin, we
call bockbuilds --csproj-insert= to write all environment variables that
load the build-root into the Nereid.csproj file. That way one can
directly after ./bootstrap-bundle launch MonoDevelop and build & run
banshee from there.
Signed-off-by: Bertrand Lorentz's avatarBertrand Lorentz <>
parent 88af291d
......@@ -28,6 +28,11 @@ envfile="$selfdir/$profile_name.env"
pushd ../bockbuild/profiles/banshee &>/dev/null
./$profile -bv
./$profile -e > "$envfile"
# write the newly generated env vars as xml into the Nereid.csproj
# so we can start with MonoDevelop immediately.
[ $profile_name = darwin ] && \
./$profile --csproj-insert="$selfdir/src/Clients/Nereid/Nereid.csproj"
popd &>/dev/null
[ $profile_name = darwin ] && \
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