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    Updated with 0.10.9 release notes · 0c5c2e50
    Aaron Bockover authored
    2006-03-20  Aaron Bockover  <aaron@abock.org>
        * NEWS: Updated with 0.10.9 release notes
        * configure.ac: Bumped to 0.10.9
        * libbanshee/gst-misc-0.10.c: disabled typefinding with gstreamer 0.10
        as it's a little buggy; will fall back on gnome vfs for now
        * src/PlayerInterface.cs: Do not switch sources if a source eject fails
        * src/Banshee.Base/AudioCd/AudioCdDisk.cs: Do not allow ejecting if
        we are ripping the CD
        * src/Banshee.Base/Sources/AudioCdSource.cs: Propagate the return of
        the disk eject
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