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libanjuta: Updated AnjutaPreferences documentation

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......@@ -32,29 +32,17 @@
* preferences page in #AnjutaPreferencesDialog using the function
* anjuta_preferences_dialog_add_page(). The plugin should take
* care of loading, saving and widgets synchronization of the
* preferences values. It is particularly useful if the plugin
* uses gconf system for its preferences. Also no "changed"
* signal will be emitted from it.
* preferences values. This can be done using #GSettings bindings
* for example.
* Second is to use anjuta_preferences_add_page(), which will
* automatically register the preferences keys and values from
* a glade xml file. The glade xml file contains a preferences
* page of the plugin. The widget names in the page are
* given in a particular way (see anjuta_preferences_add_page()) to
* let it know property key details. Loading, saving and
* widget synchronization are automatically done. "changed" signal is
* emitted when a preference is changed.
* let it know property key details. The preference dialog will automatically
* setup the bindings between GSettings and the widgets.
* anjuta_preferences_register_all_properties_from_glade_xml() only registers
* the preferences propery keys for automatic loading, saving and widget
* syncrhronization, but does not add the page in preferences dialog. It
* is useful if the plugin wants to show the preferences page somewhere else.
* anjuta_preferences_register_property_from_string() is similar to
* anjuta_preferences_register_all_properties_from_glade_xml(), but it only
* registers one property, the detail of which is given in its arguments.
* anjuta_preferences_register_property_custom() is used to register a
* property that uses a widget which is not supported by #AnjutaPreferences.
......@@ -349,8 +337,8 @@ connect_objects (AnjutaPreferences *pr, GSettings* settings, AnjutaProperty *p)
* @data_type: Data type of the property
* This also registers only one widget, but instead of supplying the property
* parameters as a single parsable string (as done in previous method), it
* takes them separately.
* parameters as a single parsable string (as done in #anjuta_preferences_register_property_from_string),
* it takes them separately.
* Return value: TRUE if sucessful.
......@@ -554,7 +542,7 @@ anjuta_preferences_register_all_properties_from_builder_xml (AnjutaPreferences *
* <programlisting>
* where,
* OBJECTTYPE is 'toggle', 'spin', 'entry', 'text', 'color', 'font' or 'file' .
* OBJECTTYPE is 'toggle', 'spin', 'entry', 'color', 'font' or 'file' .
* DATATYPE is 'bool', 'int', 'float', 'text', 'color' or 'font'.
* DEFAULT is the default value (in the appropriate format). The format
* for color is '#XXXXXX' representing RGB value and for
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