Commit 58d26177 authored by Johannes Schmid's avatar Johannes Schmid
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dconf: use /org/gnome/anjuta instead of /apps/anjuta

parent 7203b5b7
<schema id="org.gnome.anjuta.debug-manager" path="/apps/anjuta/debug-manager/">
<schema id="org.gnome.anjuta.debug-manager" path="/org/gnome/anjuta/debug-manager/">
<key name="debug-silent-non-debug-config" type="b">
<_summary>Do not display warning if not using a Debug configuration</_summary>
<schema id="" path="/apps/anjuta/run/">
<schema id="" path="/org/gnome/anjuta/run/">
<key name="run-terminal-command" type="s">
<default>"gnome-terminal --disable-factory -e %s"</default>
<_summary>Command used for starting a terminal</_summary>
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ use XML::Parser;
print "<schemalist>\n";
print "\t<schema id=\"$ARGV[1]\" path=\"/apps/anjuta/\">\n";
print "\t<schema id=\"$ARGV[1]\" path=\"/org/gnome/anjuta/\">\n";
if ($#ARGV == 2) {
open FILE, "<", $ARGV[2] or die $!;
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