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Add Visual Studio build support via NMake Makefiles

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This attempts to add Visual Studio build support via adding a set of NMake Makefiles, where:

  • The source listings in amtk/ is split out so that they are shared between the autotools build system and the NMake Makefiles.

  • Add a "private" macro _AMTK_EXTERN, which is defined as extern unless it is overridden, and mark the public symbols with _AMTK_EXTERN. This is so that we can override this to export symbols on Visual Studio as it does not support autoexporting nor exporting by regex.

  • Building introspection files, and test and sample programs are supported for the build. Running the test programs are supported via the 'test' target.

  • Instructions on building are given via README.txt and a info page when invoking nmake /f without any options passed in.

  • Since we are likely using Python during the build (for running glib-mkenums), this also supports creating pkg-config files so that this build can be consumed easier by other items that use the Meson build system.

Also, on Windows, since DLLs tend to not be in fixed locations, we do not attempt to hardcode the translations path (via DATADIR) but instead construct that path on-the-fly using GLib-Win32 APIs.

With blessings, thank you!

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